Poll 2: What should be the initial focus of our RP

Which would make a better starting campaign

Choice 1: Chalcedonian Resurgance
Choice 2: An Elves Tale


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Lets decide upon a good starting point

Ok, it might seem odd that I'd ask this question, but I want to make sure that we have a good starting point, one that would be entertaining for you all so that you'd post often and hopefully attract more people so that we could grow.

This poll is asking what would be a good starting place. Basically, I want to start with one part of the story, in one part of the world, while we are still small. I don't want to have a lot of open, empty boards. And I'd like your input on which sounds like it could be more interesting for you. After some time when we hopefully have more posting members and more activity we might expand to open up more places for story.

So the choices are simple:

Choice 1: Chalcedonian Resurgance. In this we'd focus on the shattered lands of Chalcedonia - ground zero if you will of the Ablution Event. Here we'd build of a story of hope and sacrifice leading hopefully to the restoration of the Chalcedonian people and maybe even the revival of a once great nation.

Choice 2: Breaking the Curse. Here we'd focus on the elven island nation of Eleusia, who have fallen into a bitter civil war since the Ablution with their immortal king trapped in the deep slumber of Dark Paralysis. This story might seem more restrictive since it would be an elf RP, but it could eventually branch out to include other races, and would be far easier perhaps to get going.

I would include some possible stories in Capa City / Capere, but that place is huge and I don't think we quite have the membership for those kinds of campaigns yet. 
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