The Elven Isles of Eleusia


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The plagued and divided elven kingdom

"Behold, the legacy of Tannhauser Na''Dir…  torn apart by the very greed  he fought to defeat, the greed of his own lineage…" Calana Aylwin, Eleusian Historian

eleusia.png The Eleusian Isles lie in the northern hemisphere of Nor'Ova, in the ocean between the continents of Talusia and Chalcedonia. It is surrounded on three sides by the O'Lennon Ocean and by the Aech Ocean to its north. These islands cover an area of roughly 1100 miles north to south and 800 miles west to east. The Eleusian Islands consists of one large island, two moderate size islands, and several smaller islands. Most of the islands are covered by forest, with the exception of Mount Na'Dir, the Desolute Plains, the Plains of Sorrow, and the wastelands that surround Lake Sacrifice - all reminders of the Great Magic Apocalypse and the Ablution Event.

Those few brave souls that must, or those foolish enough to try to travel the wilds of this land should be prepared for everything. They should learn to know the changing magical patterns just like they would the weather, how to defend themselves and survive in this wild land, be equipped for all eventualities, and even be prepared to face death.

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The Situation with Magic

Understanding the situation concerning magic as it applies in Capere…

Magic is as it has been for the past six hundred and twenty eight years; unstable, unpredictable, and chaotic. Magic storms are the most visible aspect of this, causing mass chaos and destruction with flame wrapped twisters, raining giant, electrified spears of ice, death and plague inducing black lightning, and more. However these are not the only aspects one must worry about. There is also rogue magic and magic radiation.

Rogue magic is basically magic which is seemingly cast out of nothing and from no source. It is as if the very world is casting this spell, or it is forming out of the magical ether randomly with no rhyme or reason. Some have speculated that it is the casting of the long vanquished soul of Zodo, still terrorising this world even while imprisoned in the pits of Xodod. Whatever their true source is, one thing is for certain, these random castings cause terror and fear in the hearts of would be travellers and the exiled more than anything else. Just imagine walking through a serene forest, all is calm and peaceful. Then, out of no where, the very trees and flora seem to come to life and reach forth to rip you apart. Or you are walking out in a wide open plain on a sunny day and out of no where it begins to rain large fireballs. Perhaps the most frightening aspect of rogue magic is that of rogue death magic. Witnesses to this rare but very real event say that they have felt their very soul being pulled at and watched in horror as their friends would drop dead without warning, some seemingly returned back to life just as quick, others though not being so fortunate.

Magic radiation is present everywhere within Nor''Ova, and that is no less true in the Eleusian Isles. Believed to be from the fallout of the Ablution, low amounts of magic radiation is not harmful or dangerous. It is the prolonged exposure to significant amounts of even brief exposure to high amounts that is dangerous. Too much magic radiation, also known as magic saturation or magic contact, can cause magic poisoning, magical mutation, mental instability, or death. Magic poisoning is the most common side effect which itself can lead to magical mutation or death. It is almost unheard of to experience magical mutation without magical poisoning, but it can happen when exposed in areas of 90% or greater magic saturation. Random death seems to be even more uncommon, and some have speculated it could in fact be an effect of rogue death magic instead. Mental instability seems to be almost as common as magical poisoning, and is the cause of once normal people becoming roaming and ravaging herds of wild men. Even the very rocks, metals, and other minerals can''t escape being affected by magic radiation. Long periods of heavy magic radiation has transformed many materials, sometimes making new materials, and other times giving certain materials sentient thought and even a life of its own.

What seems to be the single constant fact about these things is that it all depends upon the magic saturation of an area. If the magic saturation of an area is extremely high, you can be certain that you will experience rogue magic, effects of magic radiation, and magic storms. However areas very low in magical saturation almost never experience these things. It is in these low areas of magical saturation, referred to as magical oasis, that communities are built, farms are placed, and any travel can take place. These areas are still at risk of wild men and beast attacks and the random magic storm passing through, sure, but generally these areas are the safest, most hospitable areas.

What sets the Eleusian Isles apart from other lands is the use of Magicteck Towers - Towers which produce large magiteck shield-domes over an area. Said to be the final legacy and last act of High Elf Tannhauser Na''Dir before he fell into dark paralysis, these magicteck towers have pushed back large amounts of chaotic magic, making virtual magic oasis. While these towers can''t undo what has been done and can''t remove or prevent the chaotic magic from seeping into the ground, they have made life much easier for those that call these lands home. Therefore you won''t find any reliable magic saturation charts for the Eleusian Isles.

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Brief Eleusian History

Understanding the past of theEleusian Isles

The successful explorer should come to understand the history Eleusian Isles if he or she is to understand and appreciate the present day islands.

The Origins of the Present Day Eleusian Isles

How the Eleusian Isles became the home of the elven people

There are some that will claim that the Eleusian Isles have always been the home of the elven people. At some point, this maybe true. We do not have much recorded history concerning the elves and the Eleusian Isles from Before the Eras, especially before the time when humans and other races alien to Nor''Ova came forth from the "Great Chalcedons". There is some evidence that suggest that the elves may have settled the Eleusian Isles in the distant past, or perhaps even originated from there, but this evidence is scarce and some of it has even been discounted as hoaxes. Therefore we can only look towards more recent records which describe the founding of modern day Eleusia.

As recorded in Eleusian history, Eleusia, the United Kingdom of the Elves, was founded in the year 1224 of the Third Era, on the 12th of
Narvinye to be exact. It was founded by the immortal high elf, Tannhauser Na''Dir.  Tannhauser had discovered these lands a few years prior while on a mission for his friend Armeas "Maelstrom" Mercleis, who was then emperor of the Empire of Asteria. Tannhauser had noted a certain familiarity about the place and claims that he was instructed by Mogen David himself to bring the elven people there and unite them as one. So when he returned from his mission, Tannhauser asked Armeas for help doing this.

As it was recorded, the elven people at first did not take well to Tannhauser. Tannhauser was considered an outcast and a blight on the elven people not only because of the criminal actions of his grandfather who was a notrious necromancer that Tannhauser helped to take down, but also because of his deformity. It was a simple deformity really, one given to Tannhauser as a curse by his grandfather, his ears were twice as long as any other elf. Tannhauser had to prove himself to each one of the elf clan leaders in the various lands before they would agree to follow him to Eleusia. After which, Tannhauser worked hard to build bonds between the elf tribes and form a strong and united elf nation.

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The Fourth Era


Like all of Nor''Ova, portions of the Eleusian Isles was submerged during the 4th Era. The abnormally warm weather that had hold of the near nine hundred years of that dark and terrible era kept the polar regions warm and ice free, resulting in astronomically high ocean levels. Also likely due to the influence of Taal Zodo, the regions of the world that were above sea level were closer together, suggesting a submerged supercontinent. The lands that were above water appeared to be forming a circle around Taal Zodo''s fortress of Forsaken.

Early on in the era, Taal Zodo had invaded Eleusia, but only after having caused the elves to distrust each other. With the elves constantly fighting one another and with Tannhauser away leading a force to help his friend and ally, Armeas of Asteria, Taal Zodo invaded. He easily and quickly took over the elven land, killing those who refused to submit, and basically enslaving the rest to a cruel new master, a demon lord of Xodod itself, Lord Amon.

Near the end of the era Tannhauser was able to finally defeat Lord Amon and free Eleusia. The high elf quickly set into motion plans to repair Eleusia, which includded strenghtening and improving the underground and building Magicteck Towers, as it was claimed that Tannhauser had a vision of great magic calamity.

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The Great Magic Apocalypse and the Ablution Event

The Ablution Event that took place when Taal Zodo was defeated caused a reversal in the climate. Quickly Nor''Ova cooled and the polar ice returned. The oceans dropped closer to normal levels while the supercontinent was broken apart, and the world began to take on a form that more resembled how it was in the past eras before Taal Zodo had brought it to ruin. True to its name, the Ablution Event seemed to cleanse the land of Taal Zodo''s perversions, restoring in a way what was.

It wasn''t a perfect restoration or Nor''Ovan geography of course. Some islands remained gone, and other parts of the lands changed as landmasses that were once seperate landmasses in the eras past remained as parts of other landmasses even after the Ablution Event. And while the geography of the world was being restored, the massive global magic storms that marked the Ablution period rain havoc on any life that tried to survive, and scared the land with deep, massive craters, broken mountain ranges, and flooded valleys.

The magic storms eventually started to subside enough for life to take hold. The once global storms became smaller in size, effecting only local regions instead of entire continents. Plants began to regrow, and animals slowly returned. While many of the early species either died off or faced magic mutations, some did survive, and soon small, permanent drops in magic saturation began to take place, forming magical oasises, areas of no or very little chaotic magic present.

During the early years when the magic storms and destruction was at its worst, the elven people hid underground like everybody else. However, thanks to Tannhauser''s foresight, they were able to return to the surface much earlier than everyone else. They only had to remain underground for a hundred years instead of five hundred years.

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Rebuilding and Collapse

Tannhauser''s towers worked. Even much of the forests had survived. All that was needed was to rebuild Eleusia as she was in the Third Era, and hopefully even better. To help expedite this, Tannhauser had divided the nation into three regions and placed his children as regent lords over each area. In this way, the high elf had thought, the people would have a place to go closer to them to get the help they needed and the workers would have a command center close by.

Tragedy struck not much later after that. Only a decade after returning to the surface, Tannhauser Na''Dir was struck by a powerful blast of what is assumed to have been rogue magic. While no one is certain how rogue magic made its way past the magicteck defenses, the outcome was clear. It forced Tannhauser into an ancient curse that hadn''t been seen since the Second Era, Dark Paralysis. Dark Paralysis has always been believed to be the work of Zodo. It leaves the inflicted in a deep sleep from which they can''t awake. Throughout all of history, of the millions that had fallen to dark paralysis, not more than fifty have ever recovered. There simply is no known cure.

The grief over the loss of their leader took everyone hard. It is rumored that it even caused the death of the queen, LieAnia Na''Dir. While such a rumor has never been proven because of the lack of a body, her disappearance soon afterwards makes the rumor more likely. Even more likely considering that most only respected LieAnia because Tannhauser wished it. Without him there to protect her, it is very likely that she could have been assassinated.

Likely due to grief and depression, the children of Tannhauser did not live much longer after that. They all passed away three hundred years later when the rest of the world was just coming out from hiding. Their children took their place, and without a true king on the Eleusian throne, each declared themself the rightful ruler. As none of them were able to convince the other or the Elven Council, they each had their region seperate from Eleusia, each becoming their own nation. From there they continue to fight for supremecy.

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Geography of the Eleusian Isles


Locations of the Present and the Past

The many places of interest sprawled across the Eleusian Isles…

Besides the forests that cover the land, the Eleusian Isles are also dotted with ruins from the past ages of Nor''Ova''s history. Here is a brief description of some of the more notable areas.


Places of the Living

Neu''Renil: Neu''Renil is what was meant to be the new capital city for a united Eleusia. It was designed to match the old capital, del''Renil, which was destroyed by the Magic Apocalypse. The new Palace of Na''Dir lies within Neu''Renil. For now, it is the capital of the loyalist nation, the Kingdom of Na''Dir. It is populated mainly by silver and rune elves.

Elginshire: Elginshire is a city that was built in the 5th Era as a base of operations for the reconstruction of the Elgin Woods area. After Tannhauser fell to Dark Paralysis and his children passed away, it became the capital of the Kingdom of Eleusia. It is largely populated by wood elves and yerk elves.

Din''Moor: Din''Moor is a city that was built in the 5th Era as a base of operations for the reconstruction of the Gray Woods area. After Tannhauser fell to Dark Paralysis and his children passed away, the new regent thought it was a perfect chance to restructre Eleusia as a republic. She made this city the capital of her new Republic of Eleusia. It is largely populated by gray elves.

Iben: Iben is the only city of the Kingdom of the Underdark that is above ground. It is a trade city, mostly populated by dark elves and gray elves.

Natural Places

Mount Na''Dir: A large mountain on one of the smaller isles. Not far from here is where the original capital city and palace were built, and during the Fourth Era, its mines became a prison.

Lake Sacrifice: A large lage in the middle of the large island. In the middle of this lake is the remains of the Great Tree, a tree which used to tower over the forests of Eleusia and which is where a magic academy had been built. Now all that remains is a stump.
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Understanding the varied climate and weather of the Eleusian Isles…

Unlike magic, the climate of Capere is pretty stable and understandable. There is one climate zone; Temperate.

The Eleusian Isles experience all four seasons, with colder temperatures in the winter in the northern regions and slightly longer and hotter summers in the southern regions. Rainfall here depends on the area with the Elgin Wood region experiencing rain 50 to 60% of the year and other regions getting rain 30 to 45% of the year. Snow is common, especially in the more northern regions of this climate zone.

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