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Information on the Forum RP


I am getting ready to open the forum RP (finally). This topic will be updated during that process with information regarding the forum RP. 


The Forum RP will take place in the Elven Islands of Eleusia to start with. This will give us a centralized place where we can hopefully grow our RP without looking and feeling too thin. As the site active membership grows I'll add in new locations with moderators to help run them. But for the time being, we are only playing in Eleusia. 

Because we are playing in Eleusia, this will primarily be an elf campaign. There are other races in Eleusia, but they would be minorities. We need to have the majority of characters made be elf. Therefore, I'll allow 1 non-elf character at start, and 1 non-elf character per every 5 elf characters. Again, when we open up other areas this rule will no longer exist. 

Also setting wise, the RP is taking place in the Fifth Era, year 650. This will place the RP within the Saga of Ablution campaign setting. So if you wish more information regarding the ruined world of the Fifth Era, you can look there. You can also use the shops from there if you wish to detail any equipment your character has. It is not required to do so, but highly recommended. 

Main Story

The main story of the Forum RP will be dealing with the Post Ablution Elven Kingdom of Eleusia. It is bitterly divided among the grandchildren of High Elf Tannhauser Na'Dir and Queen Mother LieAnia Na'Dir. Tannhauser is in a deep sleeping curse known as the Dark Paralysis. He has been in that curse for most of the Fifth Era, and almost everyone has given up on finding a cure. LieAnia is believed to have committed suicide, and their children are missing. This left the kingdom to the grandchildren, who divided the kingdom into smaller kingdoms and are currently fighting among themselves for rule and dominion over Eleusia as a whole. Each one aspires to be the next High Elf, but all seem to fall short. All, except perhaps a young princess that always stays near to her grandfather. 

The plots in the story will deal with this civil war, the lives caught in it, and perhaps hopes for a way to resolve differences or a way to awaken the cursed king. 


The rules are simple because we are all largely adults here, and should be able to act like adults and be treated like adults. Basically respect each other, don't go all crazy trying to make god characters as I won't allow them, no drama, and have fun. If I feel like someone is harming the group or the RP, I'll talk with that person. If that don't work, I'll kick that person out. 

In order to RP, just make a character and start posting. I'll let you know ASAP if there's any issues with the character, but likely there won't be so there's no need to wait on approval. 
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