• Meredith smiled as she peed the woman to the table where the girls sat. As they settled down, Ann reached out to lay a gentle hand on the woman's hand. "There is nothing unusual about that, my dear. Some come into an air ship, sit down and pass out like a babe in seeing being rocked by a summer breeze. Others get her and be it curiosity, anxiety or fear, they pace and fret like an animal caged" She patted her gently and pulled back as the tea and tidbits were set down.

    "Have something to eat. I'm guessing you haven't since coming aboard. Once you have something on your stomach, a can give you a powder for your tea that will give you plenty of restful sleep." She winked to the woman then nodded to the girls. "My gracious... Forgot introductions. Anryn, Bridie, this is Lady Elwryn. M'lady, Anryn and Bridie. They are traveling home after visiting family. Anryn is to be married next summer and the girls are practicing to make betrothal gifts."

    Anryn blushed but recovered and spoke up. "And don't worry if it's curiosity that keeps you awake, Lady. I understand the Captain is proud of his ship and always welcome to show her off when docked. It's only in flight I hear he hates to be Disturbed. But tomorrow's dinner with him should be a treat!" She bit her lip as Bridie nudged her silence.

  • Elwryn allowed herself to be led to where the other ladies were sitting and talking. Thankfully, there weren't many of them and hopefully Elwryn wouldn't have to be too sociable. It was one of the things about her station in life that she didn't particularly care for, being sociable. Oh, there were times it didn't bother her, much, but more often than not she felt awkward in social situations.

    She smiled at the other two and pulled her dress down so she could sit without revealing too much. She still revealed quite a bit, as the dress itself was quite revealing and left little to the imagination, but Elwryn could be lady like when she wanted to be. Accepting some food from one of the women, their names already forgotten, Elwryn nibbled on a cake and was careful not to let any of it fall onto her chest or anywhere else. After she had listened and had a few bites of the cake, she smiled ever so softly and shook her head. "I hope the captain forgets that I was ever on board. I fear I might have made a fool of myself by going to him first." A now sheepish smile spread across her face. "But honestly, this is new to me. All of it and my so called guard wasn't at my door when I left my room. So I went to the most logical place I could think of for information." She sighed and set the half eaten cake down on the table on her plate. "In hindsight I perhaps should have waited for his return, but they say hindsight is perfect vision."


  • Merideth smiled. "You aren't the first to 'slip your leash' darling. Sometimes the guards have up relieve themselves or respond to something nearby. Don't be too harsh on him for not being there. If he thought you sleeping, you can't truly blame the man." She glanced over at Fenril who seemed to be ignoring those talking nearby and paying more attention to his charge than the others in the room.

    The woman cocked her head slightly, her eyes narrowing a moment before turning back to Elwryn. "You two argue often... Don't you? Her calls you spoiled and frustrating... You advise him of not being attentive and sometimes being too stifling?" There was a glint in her eyes and a small upturn to the corner of her lip as she asked.

  • Finally feeling somewhat calm and clear headed, though also a bit sad at the same time, all of that went away though when Merideth surprised Elwryn with her line of questioning. She had been in the process of picking up her plate and preparing to pick up her cake for another small bite, but fumbled the cake and the plate in response to the surprising statement. "What?! No it's...not like that. I.." she busied herself with cleaning up her mess as the plate and the cake had fallen to the floor.

    She didn't dare risk a glance at Fenril as she busied herself with the cleanup of her mess. Instead she wished to get angry at Merideth for insinuating such ideas. Elwryn found that she could not find her anger at that time though, perhaps due to the shock of the statement.

    Fenril, for his part, was paying close attention to the Lady Elwryn and though he couldn't hear what the women were saying, he could see the sudden shock in Elwryn's blue blue eyes and witnessed her dropping of the plate and cake. He smirked almost in satisfaction as he watched her being so unnerved by whatever it was the ladies were talking about. Though when Elwryn bent over to clean up her mess and nearly fell out of her dress, Fenril found it quite hard to not stare at her bosom. It took one of the other guards tapping on his shoulder to get his attention away from Elwryn's beautiful and almost bare physique.

    "That Lady Elwryn is very pretty, wouldn't you say Fenril?" the other guard asked. To this question Fenril just grunted rather than respond and turned his attention back to the other guards and away from the Lady Elwryn. Yeah, Elwryn was beautiful, and the scandalous clothing she wore, though highly inappropriate only served to make her more desireable in his eyes. But it wasn't just her looks that attracted Fenril to her and made him glad to be assigned to her. It was her usefulness in negotiations and politics, her ability to feret out the truth from others even when she herself had a hard time admitting to the truth and it was so much more. He was glad to have her as his charge and he risked one more quick glance at the blue haired, blue eyed rune elf that was Lady Elwryn.

    Her mess cleaned up, Elwryn took a quick look at Fenril, whose back was to her now, and she sighed. "You shouldn't startle someone like that," she admonished Merideth. "But yes, he does tell me often that I am spoiled and frustrating. Not that his words matter mind you," she said, her voice gaining and air of superiority that it hadn't held a moment ago. "He's a guard, plain and simple. He has a job to do and he needs to do it without judgement or prejudice."


  • "I see," Meredith smiled and nodded as a serving girl came to finish cleaning up and brought another small plate of morsels. She caught Fenril's reaction out of the corner of her eye and smiled as another guard grabbed his attention back just before Elwryn turned to glance that way.

    "Well, just remember, that man is the sword at your front and shield at your back. I wouldn't brush him aside so easily, dear. It's his arms you may wish for before your time in Asteria is done. You will be part of a very select group of people, those speaking with a rather loud voice for the people of your homeland. There will be many who are not happy, and a few others who wish to silence you." She leaned over slightly to make sure Elwryn was captured in her gaze before finishing, "Are you certain you want to make an enemy of possibly the only thing between you and trouble?" She patted the blue haired woman's hand and smiled once more.

    "Besides..." She picked up her tea and took a sip as she nodded to the corner, "I think he likes you, too." She watched to see what the woman's reaction would be to that little bit of news.


  • Elwryn's mouth worked but no sound came forth as she tried to respond to Merideth's comments. Elwryn knew she shouldn't be so harsh towards the man, but he really was infuriating. He seemed so nonchalant about guarding her, yet he truly was always there, even when she had ventured onto the command deck of the ship. She risked another glance his direction and thankfully his back was still to her. Elwryn had to admit that he was quite handsome too, but did she care for him, of that she wasn't sure about. It could just be pure attraction and nothing more. Couldn't it?

    Finally she shook her head and sighed, "If he does like me then he wouldn't be the first to do so. And..I...I won't disregard him , but he shouldn't be so forward." She was making every excuse she could think of to put things on him rather than herself. She really ought to take stock of the situation and admit to truth, but she just couldn't bring herself to do so.

    "Anyway, I didn't come here to talk about Fenril. I came to get something to help me sleep," she said, deliberately changing the subject. She did need to sleep which was probably why she was acting so odd and out of character. Or at least, that was what she was telling herself.


  • "Of course, dear," Meredith smiled and slipped hand into her shawl pocket on the back of her chair. She handed the small paper square to the woman. "And as promised. Your sleep remedy." 

    Meredith nodded to the tea. "Pour it in your tea. It's natural so won't hurt you or bitter the drink. Go ahead..." The voice of a mother seeped into the woman's voice as she smiled. 


  • Elwryn looked down at the small square and felt sad, though she gently closed her fingers around the object despite her sudden sadness. "If you don't mind," she said softly. "I'll take my leave of you now. I wish to take this in my room where it will be quieter." Her blue eyes glanced first at Fenril then locked onto Merideth's eyes. The sudden sadness, the fatigue, it was all catching up to her and she knew she'd be better once she had slept several hours.

    Having caught Elwryn's glance, Fenril excused himself from the others and moved over to where Elwryn sat with the other women. "Are we proceeding to another destination, my lady?" he asked politely, almost stiffly. Elwryn nodded, "I'd like to return to my room."

    To the others she turned and smiled sadly, "I apologize for cutting this short. Congratulations on your upcoming nupituals my lady. I wish you great happiness in the years to come." She bowed to each woman in turn and then turned to Fenril. "Lead the way," she said gently though it was still an order. Fenril bowed to the group of ladies as a whole and face a mask and devoid of emotion, he started the two of them back towards the lady Elwryn's room.


  • Hallway back, Galen rounded the corner before them. "Last Elwryn," he nodded respectfully, "is everything all right? I understand you may not be happy with your guard? I can reassign him if you prefer."

    Fallen glanced at Fenril with a flare of disappointment, thinking the man had done something pretty despicable. "I wouldn't want you unhappy on your trip." He glanced back at her, his face softening instantly as he misunderstood her fatigue as upset.

  • Fenril opened his mouth to speak, but was silenced by Galen's look before any words could come forth. He kept his face a stony mask, totally unreadable, though he felt inside a deep regret for having grabbed Elwryn as he had earlier. He hoped and prayed that she would not be rid of him. Despite her mood swings and her odd way of going about things, he found himself attracted to her in more ways than one. He found himself wanting to protect her and so much more.

    After a few moments of silence between the three, Elwryn finally spoke. "That won't be necessary Galen," she said sincerely. "Fenril has done nothing to upset me so much as to warrant his transfer to another." She lifted her blue, fatigued eyes to the two men. "I'd like to keep him with me for the time being," she said in all honesty. Fenril's mask finally broke and he gave the Lady Elwryn a slight smile of thanks. A smile to which she returned. To Galen she added, "I believe it all was a simple misunderstanding. I'm certain you can understand. Yes?"


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