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Wiki+ page: Religions & Beliefs


Wiki+ page: The Divine Incantations


The Divine Incantations is the holy book of the Church of the Holy Body, aka the Church of Zodo. While this here wouldn't be the whole book this page will contain parts of the book. 

This page is provided to those who are curious as to the beliefs of the church that honors such a dark god, including those who might want to play as people who worship Zodo. The Church of the Holy Body is unique in that there isn't really a real world equivalent that you could look at so hopefully having this page here will be helpful to those who are interested in the Holy Body. 

It should be noted that this is written from the point of view of the Holy Body. Many things in this book would not be agreed upon by those of the Church of Mogen David, and other beliefs. I decided to write this after being asked for some Incantations or sayings from the Divine Incantations for a zodoist character to use, so here it is.

You can help build this page as well If you have ideas for verses to go in this book, please feel free to PM or email them to me. If they fit with the over all theme of the book, I'll accept them as part of the book. 

1. The Incantations of Genesis

- The Holy Body's Beliefs of the creation of all things

Incantation 1: "In the beginning there was Zodo and Zodo was the beginning."
Incantation 2: "Zodo desired worship, and thus he brought about life. From Zodo came the elements of earth, air, fire, water, life, death, time and space, and from these elements all things came to be."
Incantation 3: "At first all of life and creation was together with Zodo and shared in his great brilliance. Other beings came from his power that grew jealous of Zodo, Archelus being one."
Incantation 4: "Archelus conspired with the other gods which fragmented from Zodo's Power to bring down Zodo and take all of creation for themselves. They created a series of weapons meant to undo Zodo and brought to ruin his great creation, but Zodo was always a step ahead."
Incantation 5: “And a great plan was conceived to ensure that man kind and Zodo would never be separated and for the keeping of the promise of Ablution. Into three great pearls made unbreakable Zodo placed a part of himself – Will, Power, and Spirit. Zodo's Soul stayed with man and His Mind left to plan. In time a Vessel of Zodo's Choosing would come and with these pearls he'd fulfill the promise.”

2. The Incantations of Faith

- What the members of the Holy Body must believe in in order to truly be one of the Church.

Incantation 1: “Any who faithfully and wholly call upon my name and promise to give me praise, for them I will give all.” 
Incantation 2: "There may be many other beings of great powers and many other gods, but there is only one supreme being and only one Zodo, who is the supreme being."
Incantation 3: "The Mind of Zodo is ever with us. Through the Mind, Zodo listens to our prayers and knows our thoughts. Nothing can be hid from Zodo, no good goes unnoticed and no sin goes unpunished."
Incantation 4: "One should not shy away from troubles and tribulations for these are the times we can truly show our faith. Instead of hiding from hardships, embrace them in Zodo's name and any hardship shall be overcome."


3. The Incantations of Truths

- What the Holy Body teaches as the absolutes that justify their faith. 

Incantation 1: “Man kind has the power within themselves to be something great. Each were created to be gods of their own domain, and should they realize this and awaken their inner power this they may become. United together those with this knowledge can become greater than anything of the cosmos, save Zodo who has given them this power.”


Wiki+ page: The Holy Ministry of Rube Knights

Congratulations on becoming a warrior of the Holy Body, a great and powerful vessel of Zodo!

The Holy Ministry of Rube Knights is the protector of the Church and the enforcer of the Word of Zodo. This handbook will help you to prosper and be able to do the Will of Zodo well.

1. What is a Rube?

A Rube is a member of the Holy Ministry of Rube Knights which serves to protect and enforce the tenants of the Church of the Holy Body.

 “There is no greater honor in all of Nor'Ova, nor in the skies above or in the life to come, than the honor to serve Holy Zodo and his most holy church” - Holy Father Ormus Gailmore, founder of the Church of the Holy Body and the Holy Ministry of Rube Knights.

The Holy Ministry of Rube Knights was created in the year 655 of the First Era by Ormus Gailmore, the founder of the Church of the Holy Body. At that time, the Church of the Holy Body and its members were constantly under attact my davidist extremists who sought nothing more than the monopoly on religion and man kind's soul. Guided by the spirit of Zodo, Ormus created a group of knights who would serve Church and Zodo above all things, and protect those who called Zodo their lord.

The Rubes got their name because Ormus had overheard some refer to his knights, who still in training, as rubes. Of course they meant this in a derogatory way, meaning beginner, or basically untrained and unskilled. Ormus liked the name though. He thought that if he could get his knights well trained and then give them the name of Rubes, they would be underestimated. This would give his rubes an even greater advantage. And to give the term Rube an other meaning, he had crafted armor in a deep ruby red color. This became the ceremonial armor that is occasionally seen worn by our Rubes.

 “Man kind has the power within themselves to be something great. Each were created to be gods of their own domain, and should they realize this and awaken their inner power this they may become. United together those with this knowledge can become greater than anything of the cosmos, save Zodo who has given them this power.” - Incantation of Truths, The Divine Incantations, Zodo


 “Rube Knights and Rube Miesters are the fulfillment of Zodo's word to us, that individually we have a great power, and together we have an even greater power. Rubes joined together have become an unstopable force. What better way to acknowledge this than to fullfil the Will of Zodo.” - High Priest Lector Clairstory, once a leader of the Church of the Holy Body


“Clerics and priests are the outstretched hand, Rubes are the sword and shield their to protect that hand and pave their way forward.” - Neerik Gulmar, once a Grand Inquisitor of the Holy Ministry of Rube Knights, the commander of the Rubes

As these quotes allude to, Rubes are the sword and shield of Zodo and of the Church of the Holy Body. As a Rube, you pledge to:

  • Safeguard each other as long as each other remains true
  • Carry out and enforce the will of Holy Zodo and his most holy church
  • Safeguard the Church, its worshipers, and the holy documents and relics

There are of course many great benefits to serving as a Rube:

  • Satisfaction in serving the one true Church and Holy Zodo
  • Blessings of Zodo
  • Training that far exceeds anything else in all Nor'Ova
  • Top of the line equipment and armor that is tailored specifically to you
  • The backing of what is regarded by all as the most powerful military force in Nor'Ova
  • Rewards for good service
  • Being able to claim what you desire from the enemies of the Church
  • Self fulfillment and great power

The Rubes are indeed the greatest, most powerful, and most feared force in all of Nor'Ova. The Holy Ministry of Rube Knights consists of various well trained sub-ministries:

  • Holy Guard: These are the guards of the churches. They guard the priests, clerics, church staff, and even the High Priest.
  • Military: This is the main arm of the Ministry, being the military of the Church of the Holy Body.
  • Intelligence: These rubes are well trained in espionage and are very vital to knowing what our enemies are up to.
  • Recruiters: These are the “kingdom builders”, they are responsible for finding the very best to join our ranks.
  • Holy Shield: These are the rubes that brave danger to support, help, and rescue other rubes. If you get into trouble, they get you out of it.
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2. Rules, Regulations, and Requirements

The Holy Ministry of Rube Knights would not be a successful organization without its rules and regulations. Therefore knowing them will go a long way in helping you become a great Rube Knight. Here they are:

  • Rubes are always expected to abide by the doctrines prescribed within the Divine Incantations.
  • Rubes are always expected to honor Zodo and the Church of the Holy Body, but always Zodo first.
  • Rubes are expected to protect the Church of the Holy Body, even from members and leaders of the Church.
  • Rubes are expected to carry out their given orders unless their given orders contradicts the Word of Zodo and the Divine Incantations.
  • Rubes are expected to donate freely and often to the Church of the Holy Body so that the Church can continue to do the Will of Zodo.
  • Rubes are expected to protect true believers and each other.
  • Should a brother become a traitor, Rubes are expected to remove that traitor and make an example of that traitor.
  • Rubes are expected to demonstrate the Doctrine of Power and Personal Growth as demonstrated within the Divine Incantations.
  • Rubes are expected to assist the priests of the Holy Body and protect them from harm.
  • Rubes are expected to remove any member of the Holy Body and Rube Knights should they abandon faith.

As you can see, there is nothing stating that you cannot have fun, and that growing in power is expected of you. We want to show the world what Zodo has to offer and pave a way for His Will. We cannot however engage in activities that would get in the way of Zodo's Will.

  • Do not confuse the Will of Zodo.
  • Never claim yourself as greater than Zodo who gave you this power.
  • Do not confuse your own wants with the Will of Zodo.
  • Do not bring disgrace to Zodo or his Holy Church.

It is important to understand that as Rubes we are the hands of Zodo. Therefore we must always remember that even as we grow in tremendous power, it is in power given by Zodo, not by ourselves. We should also understand that while achieving our desires is the want of Zodo, it may not necessarily be his will. Zodo does want his believers to enjoy life. But Zodo's Will isn't held to one person getting what they want. Instead, Zodo's Will is for when that person gets what they want, they give credit and praise to Zodo. Otherwise, Zodo will take it from you.

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3. The Eternal Flame

The Eternal Flame is the symbol of Zodo's Divine Will. It is used to represent both the Church of the Holy Body and the Holy Ministry of Rube Knights. Understanding and recognizing what this symbol means is very important!


The three flames represent the parts of Zodo that he so wisely entrusted to man kind.

 “And a great plan was conceived to ensure that man kind and Zodo would never be separated and for the keeping of the promise of Ablution. Into three great pearls made unbreakable Zodo placed a part of himself – Will, Power, and Spirit. Zodo's Soul stayed with man and His Mind left to plan. In time a Vessel of Zodo's Choosing would come and with these pearls he'd fulfill the promise.” - Incantation of Genesis,The Divine Incantations, Zodo

These three flames represent the different parts of Zodo: Will, Power, and Spirit. The orb represents the Vessel and the white space the Soul.

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4. Order of the Holy Body

The Church of the Holy Body is organized by the following:

  • Faith Leaders and Grounds Staff: These are the people who do the general but still important jobs of the Church.
  • Clerics: These are priest in training. They will sometimes be assigned to work with Rube Knights or Rube Initiates.
  • Priests: They give the Word of Zodo to the world. They might lead a small church or congregation.
  • Cardinal: These are the leaders of church districts. They give word to the Priests from the High Priest.
  • High Priest: This is the leader of the Church of the Holy Body. He is the Avatar of Zodo. The current High Priest is Amos. His word is regarded as the word of Zodo himself.

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5. Order of the Holy Ministry of Rube Knights

The Holy Ministry of Rube Knights is organized by the following:

  • Rube Initiates: These are new recruits just learning to become Rubes.
  • Rube Knights: These are trained warriors of the Holy Body. They make up the majority of the Rubes.
  • Rube Meisters: These are leaders of Rube Knights. They might lead a battalion or a special squadron. What they lead depends upon the sub-ministry.
  • Grand Rube Meisters: These are appointed Rube Meisters that aid the Grand Inquisitor and the High Priest with governing the Rubes.
  • Grand Inquisitor: This is the leader of the Holy Ministry of Rube Knights. He answers only to the High Priest.

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6. Becoming a Successful Rube Knight

In order to become a successful Rube Knight, you will need to worship diligently and train even more so. As a Rube Knight, you are expected to take the numerous opportunities given to you and become a proficient and capable warrior.

Not only will you be trained in many skills of the world, Rubes are also given training in unique skills provided by Zodo himself, skills which will separate you from the normal warrior, giving you a distinctive advantage. Rubes are also given training to bring out new abilities. 

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7. Final Remarks

Now that you have a basic understanding in benefits and expectations of being a Rube Knight, we leave you with this verse:

“Any who faithfully and wholely call upon my name and promise to give me praise, for them I will give all.” - Incantation of Faith, The Divine Incantations, Zodo

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Wiki+ page: Gods & Goddesses

Here is a basic listing of the gods and goddesses of the Nor'Ovan world with a brief description of each.

 Archelus: The Creator; he's the guy that created the universe, but he doesn't hang around the individual worlds much - he created gods to do the care taking. He is only about one thing, creation. His first creation was a god to create and maintain power, Zodo….

 Zodo: The god of power and magic, now broken into 6 parts, 1 of which are scattered now all over Nor'Ova. Why did he get broken up? Well, he thought he could out-create Archelus, so while Archelus was creating the universe, Zodo was stealing worlds and combining them into a massive galaxy-size world, where he would be seen by all and worshipped by all. Archelus didn't care for that, so he worked with Zodo's two created children and broke Zodo up into 6 parts. For information about the 6 parts, refer to the post on the Parts of Zodo.

 Mogen David: Created by Archelus to be the good god of Nor'Ova, he's basically the soul savor, made to save spirits from being taken up by the Soul of Zodo. Some believe Mogen David to be Archelus re-incarnate as Mogen David. Many hope for Mogen David to rescue them from all the evils of the world, unfortunately all he rescues are souls.

 Spector: The Grim Reaper, Death; Spector is the God of Death and the Dead. He was originally Xeno, one of the two created children of Zodo. When he witnessed his brother Kamele loose himself, Xeno volunteered to become death, practically begged for it, for he was suffering so from his brother's self-demise into hatred. Spector is in charge of determining the time of death and overseeing the sorting of departed souls - those that Mogen David doesn't immediately collect he has to send to Xodod.

 Norvus: The natural god, the god of the earth and rock, the geomancer's god. Norvus is the mover of mountains and sculpture of the land. He has been dormant for quite some time though.

 Ova: The mother goddess, of nature and of birth. The mystic goddess. Wife to Norvus.

 Zephyr: The West Wind, one of the Four Winds. Zephyr is the good wind, the favourable wind - friend to sailors and adventurers. Zephyr dislikes Zodo, any part of him.

 Eros: The East Wind, one of the Four Winds. Eros is the foul wind, the wind of ill news and the wind of bad fortune.

 Tyria: The North Wind, one of the Four Winds. Tyria is the cold wind, the goddess of winter.

 Solara: The South Wind, one of the Four Winds. Solara is the warm wind, the goddess of summer. Her dance with Tyria is said to make spring and autumn.


Wiki+ page: Zodo

Zodo is perhaps the most complex of the Nor'Ovan gods. He was once whole, but during his rebellion against Archelus during the time before Nor'Ova (the Xenodelphian Era) he was split into six separate parts.

Each of the parts of Zodo contain a piece of who he was, except Life of Zodo. If they were ever combined somehow, Zodo would be whole again which likely would be disastrous. Every Part of Zodo that was ever a part of Zodo had been corrupted and thus is in some degree evil, but the evil of each part varies. Only Life of Zodo remains pure.

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1. The Three Classic Powers

The Power of Zodo: Scattered at the end of the 4th Era causing the Ablution Event,  this aspect is male and is chaotic neutral at best. This was the power of Zodo that was most known and observed. When most people talk about Zodo, they are usually talking about the Power of Zodo. Many would see the Power of Zodo as evil, but Power is simply that, power and while corrupted by the influence of Soul, it has no real aligment of its own. Power is male.
The Spirit of Zodo: The Spirit of Zodo is seen by some as benevolent, however those who really learn the ways of the Spirit of Zodo discover that it can also be quite cruel. The Spirit of Zodo openly declares that it wants worship and wants people to willingly worship it. To achieve this end, the Spirit of Zodo will stop at nothing, often deceiving others and often causing about situations in which the only way to overcome the situation is to ask the Spirit of Zodo. The more someone comes to depend upon the Spirit of Zodo, the more their spirit comes to belong to Zodo. The Spirit is female.

The Will of Zodo: The Will of Zodo is sometimes seen as neutral and other times seen as the most dangerous of the three principal powers. The Will of Zodo has the ability to change the wills of others and often does so. Those that can resist their will being changed often find themselves destroyed by other creatures that the Will does control. The Will is seen also as the most patient of the three, and is able to form strategies and plan out multiple paths to achieving its… will. Because of this, the Will of Zodo is very dark and almost as dangerous as the Soul of Zodo. The Will of Zodo seems to have an agenda of its own, even conflicting with the overall desire of Zodo as a whole. The Will is male.

All three were once in orbs, but the Power of Zodo was actually freed from his orb after seducing Taal Mercleis, a xodian, turning him into his oracle. The defeat of Taal Zodo caused the scattering of the Power of Zodo. Will was recently released by Kious Hildegrade, who it soon possessed. Spirit is still within its orb, hidden away from the world though some seek desperately to find it.

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2. The Lesser Known Powers

Life of Zodo: Typically this one surfaces once an era but sometimes more, and most time remains a simple observer of things. Life of Zodo only surfaces by being "born" as a pure spirit individual until that vessel is killed off. Unlike the other aspects of Zodo, Life creates her own vessel and needs not to possess another. Life of Zodo is benevolent but its desires are not always known or clear. The Life of Zodo acts competely different from the other aspects of Zodo, leaving some to wonder if it is really a part of Zodo at all, or perhaps the good part pushed away by Soul.  This causes many theologians to therefore not refer this as a part of Zodo, the popular name being 'Ky' who was one of the most known reincarnations of the Life of Zodo. 
Mind of Zodo: This is a constant global thought if you will. It is the devil's advocate which tempts, questions, and whispers into the minds of those that will listen. Its only power is to be very suggestive, which for the weak minded is power enough. Under the influence of the Mind of Zodo many of done things they normally wouldn't have thought to do. Mind of Zodo is usually seen as evil but it is actually just the adversary, a tester of wills, and therefore neutral.
Soul of Zodo: This is the very dark being of the once very complex god, Zodo himself. He was trapped in Xodod by Archelus and his two sons, but he conquered the realm while there. Soul of Zodo is the most dangerous and most evil aspect of Zodo (power became evil due to corruption). Soul of Zodo's ultimate desire is to be free from Xodod and reunite with the other parts of Zodo and to destroy the Creator and any that follow the Creator. Luckily, he's trapped in Xodod and the other powers won't come together. He takes his anger out on the souls that he claims, using them to empower his demons and servants, and tortures them in the process.

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