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Wiki+ page: Forsaken Legends


1. Information

Forsaken Legends is a 3rd Era campain. It starts in the year 580 of the Third Era. This campaign largely takes place in the continent of Chalcedonia, but may include other lands if desired by the GM.

The premise of this campaign revolves around the Kingdom of Asteria and its king, King Armeas Mercleis. It appears that he has lost all will and desire due to the tragic deaths of his wife and daughter, and has given reign of the kingdom over to Lord Kyp Valen, the "Mouth of the King". Throughout the campaign Lord Kyp Valen will plunge the kingdom in darkness. It will be rumored that Kyp Valen is possessed by the spirit of Kamele, the son of the dark god Zodo, and that he is keeping King Armeas in the state he is in while seeking out the orbs of Power and Spirit, each containing an essense of Zodo. This campaign will include a quest line to find and assemble either (or both) the Sword of Legend and the Sword of Forsaken as well as other artifacts found in the Lore section of this wiki.

Of course it will be up to the GM to determine what is really going on. This campaign can be changed up and ran in any way the GM desires, however, it will be written up as an on going quest to save the kingdom. This campaign will not introduce anything new as far as equipment, races, and the like are concerned. Instead it will depend upon the default game races, goods, and rule sets found in this wiki. This campaign will, however, introduce lore and story for Third Era Nor'Ova. This campaign should prove easy enough to run and play for GM's and players new to Legends of Nor'Ova.


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2. Prologue

Sir Tyrus Neelson marched with purpose down the winding marble steps to the palace's crypts. The knight was a large man by western standards, standing a towering six foot six and well built sporting a chiseled face framed with a fiery red beard. It was often rumored that the silver dragonscale of his armor hid dragon instead of man.

Sir Tyrus was the knight representative of his lord, Lord Governor Kious Belengard of the Turnkey Province. Every provincial lord sent at least one knight to stand at court in the royal palace as a show of their fealty to the king and the kingdom, as was custom. These knights would often speak on their lord's behalf, and if the need came, serve to protect the king. Sir Tyrus was well known for speaking out for his parish, often clashing with heated debate against the recently appointed mouth of the king, Lord Kyp Valen.

Kyp Valen's own appointment to that of Mouth of the King was a bit of a controversy. He had been little more than a simple scribe, lord only due to the nobility of his blood, when the previous Mouth of the King suddenly fell ill and died. The fact that this happened soon after the loss that drove the King to despair led many to whisper dark suspicions about Lord Kyp. The rumors seemed not to matter though for none would dare to challenge their beloved King, who the Mouth of the King was seen as an extension of.

The last argument with Lord Kyp had been the final straw for Sir Tyrus. This time he meant to take his grievances against the Mouth with the King himself. Finally reaching the bottom of the stairs, the knight came before the cast iron door of the crypt and the two knights guarding it. Both shorter than Sir Tyrus by at least a head, they wore the dark blue scale armor of the king's personal guard, the Shadow Guard, so named as they were to be always in the shadow of the king. “Let me pass,” bellowed Sir Tyrus in a voice that would not accept objection, “I must speak with the King. He must be aware of what Lord Kyp is doing in his name!”

The guard on the right shook his head, “Would that I could, but His Grace wishes not to be disturbed unless there is a true threat to the kingdom.” Sir Tyrus could tell that the Shadow Guard wished to say more, but he was honor-bound to not say anything that could tarnish the King's image. “Then surely the king must hear me,” Sir Tyrus protested, “for the future of the kingdom is at stake.”

The two Shadow Guard glanced at each other saying nothing before the one who spoke earlier relents, “Very well knight of the realm, you may pass.” They both step aside giving entry to the door behind them. “May you be successful at reaching His Grace,” the shadow guard added. “May the Mogen David will it to be.”

With a deep breath to steel his nerves, Sir Tyrus Neelson passed through the iron portal into the darkness beyond. What little light there was seeped through the open door behind him and from the single lantern on a side table next to the king. All other sources of light had been long extinguished, but what little light there was was enough. King Armeas Mercleis, son of the great Arameas Mercleis who defeated the Ascian nation in the previous age sat before him. He was hunched over and what valor and strength the king may once have possessed had been eaten away by despair. A man who had once been undeniably handsome with strong features, deep blue eyes, and thick, curly blond hair looked ragged and fully beaten. Though shorter than some when he stood straight at five foot ten, he looked much smaller in the depths of his depression. Sir Tyrus couldn't help but to shed a tear for his king as he knelt before him.

King Armeas had once shown great promise. When he was barely a king, his great skill of diplomacy had settled the feud with his brother Camden, giving him land to rule as his own since Camden refused to share the realm. His great vision had helped to bring peace and prosperity to the kingdom, and all had loved him. But then tragedy struck, and the king lost not only his wife, Queen Lea, but also one of his twin daughters, Princess Campella. Ever since then the King has hidden himself in his despair deep within the royal crypts, seemingly paralyzed by grief.

The king barely looked up at Sir Tyrus before looking back down at the dress and the doll he clung to, his eyes seemed clouded and distant as if the king wasn't truly there. “Your Grace,” Sir Tyrus finally willed himself to speak, “I am Sir Tyrus Neelson, representative knight of Lord Governor Kious Belengard of the Province of Turnkey. I come before you to inform you of the terrible darkness that awaits the kingdom of Lord Kyp Valen isn't dealt with.”

Sir Tyrus waited a moment, hoping to have some kind of reaction from his king, but the king sat there saying nothing. “Your Highness, Lord Kyp has been executing people without trial, in your name sire!” Sir Tyrus almost shouted hoping to rouse his king. King Armeas simply mumbled, “T…. tell Lord Kyp…. He… He'll know… what to do….”

“You can't be serious!” Sir Tyrus shouted, “Lord Kyp is the problem! He's proclaiming all born under the runic element of death as enemies of the realm, sending them to work camps or having them killed out right!” Sir Tyrus wants to grab the king and shake him, but he knows to do so would cost him his own life. “He's even sending babies to their death Your Grace! Babies! All because they have the misfortune of being born during the wrong months!”

“T…. tell Lord Kyp…. He… He'll know… what to do….”

“Are you not hearing me, Your Grace?!” Sir Tyrus's face was flushed red with anger. “Lord Kyp has even broken the Treaty of Asteria, signed and put into law by your father, by sending people to the abomination that is Turnkey Prison which was ordered closed by the treaty! Sire, the eastern and mountain provinces are outraged over this! Your Lord Kyp will break our country in two!”

“T…. tell Lord Kyp…. He… He'll know… what to do….”

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3. Chapters


Wiki+ page: Saga of Ablution

The Saga of Ablution Campaign takes place in a potential Fifth Era of Nor'Ova. In this setting, the world of Nor'Ova had been blasted by the terrible effects of an almost completely cast spell of Ablution.

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1. Background Information

The despotic leader of the Fourth Era, Taal Zodo, was in the final steps of weaving Zodo's version of the spell of creation and destruction when he was interrupted and defeated. Taal Zodo of course was unlike any of the other bearers of Zodo in the past because Taal Zodo did not hold an orb of Zodo. Instead, the Power of Zodo had escaped its orb and possessed Taal, making Taal Mercleis the first ever physical embodiment of any part of Zodo. This made Taal Zodo very powerful and dangerous indeed, as it removed the restrictions of the orb from the Power of Zodo, allowing the Power of Zodo to not only connect with the other parts of Zodo but also removing the restrictions to his unlimited power that the Orb had on him. The only thing that really kept Power of Zodo from going crazy was the strong will of Taal Mercleis – but by the time of the casting of Ablution, Taal's will was almost destroyed.

The heroes of the Fourth Era defeated Taal Zodo, using Ithlamar to free Taal from Zodo and Legend – the sword of the Spirit of Mogen David – to destroy the Power of Zodo. This disperses chaotic power combined with the interrupted spell and the now unbalance that existed caused a great Magic Apocalypse known as the Ablution Event. The Ablution Event basically reset most of what Taal Zodo did during the Desecration that started the Fourth Era, returning the world nearly to how it had been in other eras, however, magic is now very much unstable.

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2. Quick Campaign Info

The Saga of Ablution campaign makes use of the Legends of Nor'Ova Core Rule Book, found within this wiki. However the Core Rule Book was designed around a more traditional fantasy setting and this campaign is a post apocalypse steam punk like setting. This campaign book will introduce the changes needed to make such a setting work with the Core Rule Book.

In this book you will not find anything repeated from the Core Rule Book section of the wiki, unless it must be repeated due to changes made for the campaign.

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3. Downloadable Materials

This campaign does make use of a modified version of the character sheet.

Saga Ablution Character Sheet version 7.pdf

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4. Chapters


Wiki+ page: The Chalcedonian Calendar


The Forsaken Legends campaign setting makes use of the Chalcedonian Calendar. It is the default calendar of Nor'Ova in the official timeline, and has been the default calendar system since the First Era. The story presented in this campaign makes use of this calendar, and you are welcome to use it, or you may substitute another calendar as long as the default number of days per Nor'Ovan year is still met. The timekeeping rules for the Forsaken Legends campaign are the same as the default game rules.

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1. The Months & Seasons

The Chalcedonian calendar divides its year into fifteen 40-day months. Each month begins on the new moon and ends on the day before the next new moon. Due to the very regular orbit of Nor'Ova's large moon, each month is exactly the same.

Here are the months of the Chalcedonian calender, organized by seasons.

 Month Element Season
Afteryule Earth Spring
Chyr Air
Tarsis Water Summer
Kyporus Fire
Elasys Life Autumn
Marpegoth Death
Elynt Time Winter
Foreyule Space

Due to having two suns, even if one of them is barely qualified as a sun and is simply known as the "Morning Star", Nor'Ova's winter is shorter than its other seasons on average. Obviously, the true lenght of each season will depend greatly on one's distance from the equator. Furthermore, this calendar is based on northern hemisphere seasons. The seasons would swapped for southern hemisphere gameplay.

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2. Example Calendar

Here is an example of a calendar for a month in the Chalcedonian calendar. Again, each month is the same.

Solas Duesday Tresday Qetrasday Idesweek Seisday Setesday Octasday Nuevsday Lunas
New Moon
2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
First Quarter
12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
Full Moon
22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30
Last Quarter
32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40
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Wiki+ page: Initial Dungeon: Turnkey Prison (Prison Escape!)

This is the initial dungeon for the campaign. While the GM could choose not to use this dungeon, it is designed to be the event that gets the campaign started.

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1. Objectives

The party must escape Turnkey Prison

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2. Setting

Turnkey Prison is an old prison created by the Ascian Empire during the Second Era. It was supposed to be closed by order of the King after the fall of Ascia and the founding of Asteria at the beginning of the Third Era, but someone has started using it again and have jailed the party here. Turnkey Prison is located in the north eastern Crystal Mountains, within Turnkey Province in the Kingdom of Asteria.

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3. Special Note

This is the start of the campaign. During character creation the players should not do any equipment shopping or have any starting currency. They will start this campaign naked and without any gear.

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4. Story

The party is awakened by the loud slamming of heavy metal doors only to find themselves naked in coffin like cells. They fall back unconscious.

Darkness. Total and complete darkness. Avan blinked his eyes thrice just to be certain that they were indeed open, but it changed nothing. Am I blind, he wondered as he tried to make sense of the blackness that swallowed him. Have I ever been able to see? Panic griped him, threatening to strangle him as Avaninden realized that he couldn't remember anything more than his name.

Fear is the enemy, Avan mediated as he tried to calm himself down, and indeed his breathing did slow and his heart did relax. But the fear was still present all around him. It took Avaninden a short while to realize that the fear he felt was not his own. This place is filled of fear, he remarked mentally, I must figure out where it is that I am.

As he allowed himself to relax, Avaninden quickly realized that he was laying on hard, cold metal. His muscles quaked and protested as he tried to move, feeling with disgusted horror wet stickyness under his back end and between his legs. Avan also soon discovered that what he laid in was a box barely longer than he was long and as wide as he was wide if his arms laid beside him. Reaching up, Avan was horrified to find that he could barely extend his elbow before finding the ceiling. What is this, Avan thought as the fear threatened to take him, a freakin' coffin? Despite how hard he tried to calm himself down, he could not. Avan feared that he was buried alive and could not let go of that fear. The other fears he felt around him did not help the situation any and before he knew it Avan had passed out.

An unknown amount of time passed before Avaninden awoke to the familiar darkness. Steadying himself, Avan thought, I must see if there is a way out of this box. First he tried to push up, thinking that perhaps it was indeed a coffin. He pushed with all of his might, but the ceiling would not budge, not even the slightest. Perhaps it is not a coffin after all, Avan reasoned trying to remain calm. This time he tried to push with his feet and was surprised to find that the wall his feet pushed off of gave. Cautiously Avan pushed again, and again it gave. The third time he pushed with all his might, and the wall flung open with a loud crash and a stream of dim light quickly flooded his box.

The party is reawakened some unknown amount of time later by a voice with no discernible source. They find their cells unlocked somehow and some some simple clothes outside. They know who they are but do not know each other nor can they currently remember their own pasts.

The party must learn to work together to escape Turnkey Prison. They must endure and locate what they need in the prison before escaping into the tunnels. A strange woman ("Eli") will aide them early on if they rescue her from one of the cells, but will not leave with them when they go into the tunnels. She will seemingly sacrifice herself to help them before they leave the prison and enter the Old Prison Ruins. She will tell them that it is best that they steer clear of the two nations, Asteria and Celestia, since they don't know who put them there or why.

After reaching the Old Prison Ruins, the party will/should come across the spirit of Eli, the rune elf they saw sacrifice herself to save them just moments prior. She has a tale to tell them:

  • She died months ago in this prison.
  • She used the last of her power to create a memory that would help whoever rescued the memory.
  • She was put in the prison for killing her rapist and worshipping Zodo.
  • She will tell some basic info (gathered from this wiki) about the swords Legend and Forsaken if asked.

She can only stay for a short while, so the players should make the best out of the time she is there. The time she can last for is up to the GM and the information she has is also up to the GM. It is advised that she knows nothing about the players or their past, however that too is up to the GM.

Throughout the escape the players should remember somehow the crime that they are supposedly guilty of - whether or not they committed the crime is up to the GM, as is the crime they supposedly committed. The GM should strive to make the crime worthy of their sentence, however the crime could also be laughable.

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5. Enemies

Prison Guards are not your typical enemies therefore they aren't listed in the Bestiary. The GM is encouraged to make his or her own prison guards. They should either be mercenaries or work for someone corrupt and are likely corrupt themselves. Furthermore they should be strong and it should be evident to the players that it is best to avoid and run from the guards and not to engage them.

  • Turnkey Prison: Rats, Prison Guard, Attack Dogs
  • Old Turnkey: Zombies, Skeletons, Death Imps, Red Imps, Ghouls
  • Tunnels: Death Imps, Red Imps, Fog Imps, Mythril Imps, Mountain Imps, Skeletons, Phade (final obstacle to overcome to escape the tunnels)
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6. Traps

  • Cave In: Basic Trap that causes 2d12 physical damage
  • Arrow Trap: Basic Trap that causes shoots bone arrows (1d6 + 2d8)
  • Alarm Trap: Better Trap that alerts nearby foes
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7. Treasures

The following treasures can be found, all are items located in the Equipment & Goods.

  • Shillings - small amounts
  • Tonics
  • Sugar Waters
  • Tinticures
  • Waterskins
  • Steel Small Scythe
  • Oak Spear Shaft with Bone Spear Head
  • Steel Rod
  • Oak Boomerang
  • Small Bow
  • Bone Arrows
  • Oak Buckler
  • Leather Cap
  • Leather Cuirass
  • Leather Greaves
  • Bat's Brew
  • Small Backpack
  • Steel Short Sword
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8. Epic Treasures

The following artifacts can be found here:

  • Hilt of Legend
  • Xodod's Guard

A character can weild only Legend or Forsaken, not both! The choices here can have a huge effect on the campaign. Either one has to be left behind or one character claims one and another claims the other. Either sword could be used for good or evil, but each will affect their wielder and slowly change them (as determined by the GM).

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9. Maps

Here are the maps of Turnkey Prison and the tunnels.

Turnkey Prison Cells

Turnkey Prison Cells.png

The images can be clicked on to open up larger versions of the maps.

This is the main part of the prison, at least the operational part that the players will be exposed to during this quest. The cells are in the steel blue rows on the bottom portion of the map. They are coffin size cells that are stacked 6 high vertically with the foot part of the cell facing out into the hallways. The larger cells are for larger races, with deep, spike lined pits taking up the majority of the cell space (the black boxes). Prisoners in there are chained to the wall, with the chain having enough leeway for the prisoner to move off of the ledge and hang into the pit. The other rooms are for GM discression. Blue doors are easy locks.

The escape path is in the large room, a small hole in the wall. What the large room is is up to the GM. Perhaps it is a garbage room of sorts to store the dead prisoners?

Old Turnkey Prison Ruins

Old Turnkey And Tunnels.gif

The Old Turnkey Prison Ruins is a ruins of the older part of the prison built sometime in the First Era that was never repaired. The players need to find their way through this maze of tunnels and ruined cells and rooms to get to the escape tunnel part of the quest.

Turnkey Tunnels

Old Turnkey And Tunnels Level 2.png

Turnkey Tunnels is a set of imp tunnels and natural caverns. This is the tunnels through which the players escape Turnkey Prison.

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Wiki+ page: Changes or Additions to Core Rules


Wiki+ page: Lore & History


Wiki+ page: New Shops


Wiki+ page: Magic Mutations

*To be updated/improved

Magical Mutations are a part of life in Fifth Era Nor'Ova. Some mutations come later in life as you are constantly exposed to unstable magical radiation. Oftentimes people are born with mutations, some inherited from their parents.

Here you will find a list of mutations that you can spend your Mutation Pt on. These mutations can be acquired at any time. You will also learn how you can start out with some mutations.


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1. Starting Out With Mutations

In order to start out with magical mutations, you will need a starting amount of Mutation Pt. Here is how you do so.

  • Step 1: Roll a 1d8 a total of 5 times, recording each roll on a piece of scrap paper.
  • Step 2: Roll a 1d6, the number rolled is how many re-rolls you can make. Remember, each re-roll replaces the number you rolled for and you do not have to use all of your re-rolls.
  • Step 3: Get a total of the five numbers rolled.
  • Step 4: (Optional) Roll a 1d3. You will multiply the answer to Step 3 with this number. For example, if you got a 50 and you rolled a 1, your answer here will be 50. But if you rolled a 3 it will be 150.

The final answer you get after completing Step 4 (or Step 3 if the GM doesn't allow for Step 4) is how many Mutation Pt you will have to spend for your character. You will spend those on the Mutation Table on the following pages.

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2. List of Mutations

Here is a list of mutations and their effects.

Mutation Description Mutation Pt Cost
Extra Digits An extra finger or toe, or both – has no real effect on your character except that it looks odd. 10
Missing Digits Missing a toe or finger, or both – Can make it more difficult to walk thus decreasing your movement rates by 10% per toe or can make it harder to hold a weapon properly thus increasing the chance of mishap by 1 per finger. GM may require a luck check to see if your character develops this mutation due to high magic radiation exposure. 50 to remove
Normal Extra Eye This is an extra eye that functions like your regular eyes – increases Perception % by 10 10
Spiritual Eye This is a third eye that does not function like a regular eye – allows one to see spirits and the like but must close normal eyes for effect to work, this eye is closed when the normal eyes are open. 25
Eye of Shadow This is a third eye that does not function like a regular eye – allows one to peer into the Shadow Realm but must close normal eyes for effect to work, this eye is closed when the normal eyes are open. 25
Useless Third Eye This is a third eye that is blind, it has no effect or use since the character cannot see out of it, it simply looks odd. 5
Cyclops Effect This effect causes the character to have only one eye which is typically located at the center of one's head, but not always – Perception % is decreased by 10 but can learn the special skill EP Gaze that Cyclops use. Perception % penalty can be removed by spending 15 Mutation Pt. 20
Increased Hearing While this doesn't have an effect on one's physical appearance, it does increase their Perception % by 10. Loud sounds though will harm the character, doing 2d10 HP damage and have a 50% chance of causing temporary deafness for 1 full day (30 full hours). 15
Fast Healing While this doesn't have an effect on one's physical appearance, it causes one to be healed faster. Healing potions, skills, and spells effects are increased by 25% on one with this mutation effect. The character must make Will % checks though with every potion use to determine for potion addiction – this negative effect can be removed by spending 15 Mutation Pt. 20
Rough Skin This can take on the appearance of leathery skin, overly calloused skin, or skin with a bark-like texture. A character with this mutation's skin is rough and thick. Physical damages done to this character is reduced by 20%. However, the character also is a slow healer, causing healing skills, spells, and potions to be 25% less effective – a penalty that can be removed at a cost of 15 Mutation Pt. 20
Avian Eyes Your eyes have taken on the characteristics and appearance of an eagle – increasing your Perception % by 20 as long as it is not used for something up close. Your character finds things up close to be blurry, reducing your Perception % by half – a penalty that can be removed by spending 10 Mutation Pt. 20
Aquatic Eye Membrane You have a second set of clear eyelids which lower while underwater, allowing you to see through them as if you were wearing goggles. This triggers automatically while underwater. 10
Gills Your character has developed a set of gills allowing your character to breath while underwater. Unfortunately, your character is now more susceptible to gas clouds and poisoned bodies of water (if under water in such), doing double damage. 15
Scales Your character has developed scales. This mutation is for a 20% covering of scales which you may place on your character. You can continue to acquire this mutation until your character has 100% coverage. For every 20% coverage, your character gains a Flat PR of 10 and a Flat MR of 5 towards any magic type of your element – including beneficial magic (exclude benefical magic at a cost of 10 Mutation Pt). 25
Light Bones Your character's bones become very light. This increases your character's movement rates by 50% and increases your character's Jump Ranges by double. However your character's carry and lifting limits are decreased by 10% and damages done to your character are increased by 10%. This cannot be applied with Thick Boned. 15
Feathers or Fur Your character becomes covered by feathers or fur of your choice and description. This mutation is for a 20% covering of scales which you may place on your character. You can continue to acquire this mutation until your character has 100% coverage. Each covering increases your tolerance to the cold. Fur makes you less susceptible to frost bite while feathers make the covered area water proof. 15
Exoskeleton Your character develops a chitin exoskeleton. This decreases any physical damages received by half but also decreases movement rates by 20% and evasion rates by half. 25
Spines Your character's skin is covered with fine spines, either on the back of the arms or on the back. The spikes have an attack value of 10 but can also rip through clothing and backpacks and make it hard or impossible to wear armor on the covered spot. 10
Thorns Your character's skin is covered in small, woody thorns. The thorns are 1/4th of an inch in length and cover the back of your character's arms, your character's back, shoulders, and back of his or her hands. The thorns have an attack value of 5, but can rip through thin or cheap cloth material. 5
Retractable Claws Your character has developed retractable claws for both hands. The claws are 2 inches long and do not increase your character's attack range. They have a damage value of 15. Extending the claws is painful, doing 1d20 HP damage to your character each time. 10
Child of Magic Your character has adapted to chaotic magic. While in areas of high magic radiation, your character will actually heal 1d6 HP per round or 3d10 HP per hour. 20
Poisonous Your character's body produces a potent venom through sweat. Any one except your character who touches your character when covered with sweat will be poisoned, receiving 2d10 HP damage per round (non-stacking). Your character is immune to your own poison. 20
Compound Eyes Your character's eyes are compound, like those of an insect. This doubles your character's perception. This also causes your character to be sensitive to light, being almost blinded by normal sun light and receiving 1d6 HP damage to bright light. 10
Padded Feet The bottoms of your character's feet are thickly padded, allowing your character to no longer need shoes or boots to protect the bottom of your character's feet. 5
Hooves Your character's feet become hooves. This allows for kicking attacks with an attack value of 10 per foot and removes the need and ability to wear shoes or boots. Your character does become unable to walk well on slippery surfaces such as ice. 5
Horns Your character has developed horns which you can describe, of a length no shorter than 4 inches and no longer than 12 inches. The horns have an attack value of 15. Having horns makes your character feared and not trusted and requires special modifications to wear helmets. 15
Antennae Your character has developed a pair of antennae. They allow your character to detect life via subtle vibrations up to 20 x 20 area block area away, even if you cannot see or hear them. They prevent you from wearing helmets without modifications. 15
Tail Your character has developed a tail which you can describe, of a length no shorter than 6 inches and no longer than half of your character's height. If your character has scales or spikes, so will the tail. If your character is flesh, so is the tail. The tail matches your character. It has an attack value that is double that of your character's Melee Power. 20
Bird Wings Your character has developed bird wings with a wingspan that is double that of your character's arm length. Your character can use the wings to triple jump ranges, but cannot fly unless your character has the hollow bones mutation and is carrying less than ½ of his or her weight. 20
Insect Wings Your character has developed a pair of large, translucent, insect wings with a wingspan that is equal to that of your character's arm length. They make a buzzing noise as you run, increases your jump range by 50% and doubles the effect of run and sprint. 10
Canine or Feline Ears Your character has developed either canine or feline ears which you can describe. These increase your character's Perception % by 20. 15
Albino Your character has become an albino, which serves no real purpose but is often revered or feared. You now have a 50% chance of sunburn, which causes 1d6 HP damage per round. 10
Deformed Your character has developed a deformity of your choice and description. The deformity serves no purpose and has no real negatives except for how others deal with him or her. 5
Hollow Bones Your character's bones have become hollow. This makes your character very light, thus doubling your character's movement rates and tripling jump ranges. If your character has the bird wings mutation, your character can learn to fly. Your character's attacks though are 50% less effective, carry and lifting limits decreased by 50%, and your character has a 10% chance of bones breaking with hard hits or simple falls. Must first obtain Light Bones Mutation. This cannot be applied with Thick Boned. 15
Webbed Hands Your character has developed webbed hands which increases your character's movement in water by 50% but prevents your character from wearing gloves or gauntlets. 5
Thick Boned Your character's bones thicken. This increases your character's weight, strength and strength racial maximum by x 1.25. This also causes your character's speed and speed racial maximum to decrease by 25% (stat x 0.75). This cannot be applied with hollow bones or light bones. 10
Natural Regeneration Your character developes natural regeneration, which causes your HP, SA, and EP to restore by 1% of their maximum per round in battle or 10% of their maximum per hour out of battle. This does cause you to get a penalty of -1 to Success and Failure Rates, which can be bought off by spending an extra 15 Mutation Pt. 20
Wall Walker With this mutation your character develops small, scaly hooks in the palms of their hands, on their shins, and the bottoms of their feet. These scaly hooks allows your character to climb and walk on walls and ceilings as naturally and easily as walking on the ground. Wearing gloves or boots will limit this effect or prevent its use. Those with this mutation develop a phobia to the magic element they are weak against, or to all other magic elements if they are of the space element, a penalty which can be removed by spending 10 Mutation Pt. 20


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Wiki+ page: The Battle of Ablution

The Battle of Ablution was the final battle against the tyrant Taal Zodo. It depicts when the free people of Nor'Ova were finally able to rise up and defeat the dark god Zodo, destroying the physical manifestation of his spirit, which brought on the Ablution Event - a magic apocalypse that left this world in the state it is in now.

This event was role played by members and describes the close of the old forum RP campaign, Legends of Nor'Ova: Era of Torment. This is only the final portion of that RP thread that as titled "Battle of Ablution". No spellings or typos have been corrected, to preserve just how everything transpired. If anyone has the rest of it please let me know and I'll include it here.

Octasday the 28th of Marpenoth - Afternoon
850th year of the 4th Era

Ithlamar, the sword of the redeemer. In all of the ages of it's creation from the very first battle against Taal Zodo when Ardatha refused it's beholder, Tannhauser, to travel with him, to now never has this sword been used for the purpose it was forged for. Indeed the only time it saw combat was ten years ago and even then it's beholder, Diantes, was spiriling down a dark path of doubt and anger and used the sword for it's obvious design, as a weapon. But such was never the sword's purpose.

The sword, as it's name would imply, was crafted to free Taal from his entrapment by the Fallen Lord and bring mercy upon the broken saint. It was meant to sever the bonds of hatred, judgement, vengence, and even depresion that kept Taal so tightly tethered to Zodo.

But redemption for the one who everyone saw as Zodo? Mercy for the physical embodiment of all evil? Man kind never seemed able to learn to forgive, to place themselves within Taal's shoes and understand why they must show mercy.

It is the great weakness which Zodo invested all of his energy into, one which he had assumed would keep him safe from the blade of sacred judgement, the sword of Legend which had been crafted by the very words of Mogen David and contained his sacred spirit. For as long as Zodo dwelled within the body of someone of pure heart against their will then he was safe from it. Never could Zodo have imagined that one day someone would find away to forgive Taal. It was just unthinkable.

But Calyna had forgiven Taal. Having dwelled within the eternal prision that is Xodod yet been shown mercy and forgiveness for all her past transgrettions, the warrior as Zodo mokingly had called her, had learned how to forgive, and in the very moment when all seemed doomed to failure, Redeemer reacted to her mercy.

Since never before had Redeemer been used in the manner it was designed for, none could have known how it was to react. As Taal Zodo screemed in frustration of Xyster and the life that refused to leave him, Ithlamar the Redeemer came down upon him. But not a single cut did it make in Taal's flesh. Instead the cut that would have been destined for Taal by any other sword left instead a surface cut upon Calyna, from the crown of her head down to her naval. The cut would not have been deep, life threatening, nor incredibly painful. Instead it was a simple scar that would forever serve as a reminder of her act of mercy as well as a symbolisim for Mogen David's great act of mercy so many ages ago. The sword, as all swords do, had to leave a mark. It had to do it's damage. After all that is the purpose of swords, to cut. But Calyna showed mercy, she showed Taal with her forgiveness, so the spirit within the sword paid for that forgiveness by instead cutting her physically, and cutting Zodo's spiritual hold and influence over both Calyna and Taal. No longer could the dark god's words cause her doubt.

As the Redeemer ousted the Fallen Lord, a howling screem let out and a loud clap of rolling thunder echoed throughout the chamber. Taal's body was litterally thrown against the back wall where he laid weekly, barely holding onto the little life that was left. Everything within the room quickly turned onto Calyna, determined to avenge their master's loss. The throne rose up upon her as a collection of bodies much like the hall before the room, and all of the bodies from the pits and those chasing after Aitre's childred decended instead upon Calyna. Even the skin that drapped the walls came tumbling down, turning into wraths and reaching forward to attack Calyna and her allies. All those within Forsaken who served the dark god made their rush towards the room, phade, undead golemns… they were all on their way.

Then the world let out a scream as the room filled with darkness and hatred. For in the place of where Taal Zodo once stood, a being of great beauty and wonder now stood. But despite the wonder of his presence this being was wrapped in the veil of pure evil. The halo of souls quickly spun around his head and his armor quickly adorned him. This was indeed Zodo in the flesh, the God of power, creator of magic, distorter of truth, prevertor of life, destroyer of order. This was the Fallen Lord, once the model for all life, now the corruptor of it. Now outside of Taal's flesh there was no filter to silence his evil, his uter hatred.

Quickly reacting, Zodo's attention turned towards Tiana who was rushing towards him. Growling, his medeloic voice sang a song of discord and hatred, "Return to me fallen hyrda, let not the angel come this way!" As the words rolled off his tounge, the once mighty hydra lord's heads rose from the pits, all seventeen of them, attached to their skelletal necks descending beneath the earth. All in various stages of rapid decomposition, these heads quickly surrounded Tiana and all those on the pathway, including Armis and Calyna.

Zodo's attention then fell upon Calyna, "You may have saved Taal, Jezelbel, but what good is the salvation when the time of Ablution is now at hand? For behold, what ought not to have been is now, and flesh adorns me as it did in the time before the eras. You, for all of your self righteousness and mercy, are too late."

He quickly turns towards Tiana, "Well, the time you have waited for has come at last. It is a pitty however you will not get near enough to do as you so promised. Take a look at your love, dying on the back corner. His life is fading, but at least his last few moments will be spent watching the skin being ripped off of the one he loves. How appropriate that he must watch the one he loves again lose her life for him, as had happened so long ago to bring him before me."

Xyster, who was dropped by the transformation, skirted away in mortal fear of the dark god, sneaking backward on his butt, hands and feet ever so slowly. Grentzen kneels down beside him, giving him a hand, "You. you are not hurt.. what potion has granted you this?" The barbarian states baffled to see no injury where Zodo's hand had entered his chest.

Xyster only snickers, "Spector said when we left, he would not see my death. The damnable wraith is keepin' me alive, which I knew he'd do. So I bought Calyna her time… "

Grentzen snickers, "Damn old fool, I should have known you'd plan for this. Now run along and tend to Taal. I am gonna see what I can do to help Tiana do her job."

As Xyster scurries away Grentzen approaches the dark god with his sword drawn, "Hey piss ant! For all your power you still nothing more than a piss ant. Come, lets finish that duel, here and now!"

Zodo quickly turned towards Grentzen, a dark grin crossing his face, "Fine, it is time I finally get to end your life." He raises his sword of Forsaken, and Grentzen and Zodo engage in a heated dual. As tehy duel, the hydra heads seem to loose focus. The duel is fierce, and Grentzen is able to hold up his own in straight sword combat, but the duel doesn't last long. For without the compassion of Taal, Zodo is down right dirty and murderous. Feeling no need to waste time with the barbarian, by their fourth sword cross Zodo blasts Grentzen with a powerful chaotic spell which within the twinkle of an eye blows a whole through Grentzen's middle section, pasting his internal organs on the wall behind him. Grentzen, the mighty barbarian and Capacitator of Capere, falls lifelessly.

Maelstrom's eyes widen as Zodo takes form and his gut drops when the heads of the Hydra Lord rise before them. Moving back and forth, Maelstrom tries desperately to fend out the hydra and the others coming within the room. Sweating and facing extreme exhaustion, Maelstrom mutters, "I am sorry.. my dear… I .. I don't know how much more I can take…."

Just as he had said those words the hydra's attention drifts. With Zodo in combat against Grentzen, he isn't able to hold a direct sway over them. Smiling he motions to Tiana, "Hurry, this may be your only chance!"

Arangoth gulps as Zodo takes form. Hearing the whispers of the children, tears develop quickly threatening to blur his vision. Saying with a sigh he states, "For all the evil and hatred you must feel in this room, there is something strong. Do you feel it? It is Mogen David, and he is with you now. He is with all of us, and despite the horrors of this day do know that today is a day of great celebration. Today mercy was shown, and for that today Zodo will fall never to torment ever again."


Callista watched in horrified awe as Xyster attacked the Dark Lord and should very well have killed the old alchemist. Something kept the man alive, however. Callista didn't take time to question this miracle. Entities of sheer evil were swarming up from the pits around the room, charging towards her and the others who would deny the evil deity's existence.

Gritting her teeth, she looked briefly to Aitre to make sure he was ready for this. The look on his face said plain and simple that he was ready and that this ended here and now. His determination put a tiny smile on the corners of Callista's lips, but it disappeared as she moved forward to intercept the oncoming horde.

Ruathian hugged close to his sister, but was quickly transfered over to Arangoth. Climbing up onto the large man's back, he draped his little legs over the man's shoulders and wrapped his arms around Arangoth's neck.

It was weird being on this man. He was burly and strong, yes, but he wasn't Mommy or Daddy. Ru let his eyes wander to the scene at the throne, watching in abject horror as Taal was flung from the newly formed true form of Zodo. Tears shone on his cheeks and he looked back to his mother, who was now coated in a mixture of dirt and blood, none of which he thought was hers.

In truth, only a small amount of the blood covering Callista's arms and face was hers. A few of the hands had gotten past her defenses and clawed into her flesh, but nothing too serious as of yet. With a snarl, she swung Guillotine in a wide arc, taking out a multitude of hands with the one swing. "Back to the Pits with you, vermin!" she snarled viciously, kicking a hand backwards as she lashed out again.

The transformation of Zodo caught her attention and she nearly faltered, barely catching a wild hand as it latched onto her shoulder. All five nails dug in simultaneously and she ripped the limb free with a pained yell. Spinning, she managed to block a few more hands, slicing them in two with Guillotine, but their urgency to kill her seemed to increase. "AITRE!" she screamed, looking to make sure her love was all right still.

Ruathian's bright sapphire orbs traveled from the beautifully powerful figure at the throne now, back to his mother. He watched in fear as she battled the hands he knew were meant to take out he and Kaina. A soft whimper left his lips as he watched a hand attach itself to his mom's shoulder, but relief flooded through him when she removed it. Something seemed to make the hands attack faster and more vigorously, sending Ru into a sort of frightened frenzy.

Shrieking for his mother, Ruathian leapt from Arangoth's shoulders, landing un-gracefully on the floor near Callista. Sobbing, he clawed his way through hand after hand, using the knife his parents had given him in case of emergency.

Sabre took in the hanging man with glee and pushed onwards at what could almost be considered a skip. Grinning maniacally, she stepped through the entrance into the hall made up of corpses without a second thought. Her swords twirled in ecstasy, slicing into hand and face alike as they reached out towards her, moaning in what sounded like pain. She didn't much care to take notice of their feelings. And why should she? They were her Father's victims and now that they were in the way of her getting to her Father. She doubted he'd care much - there were more to replace the ones she and Kor broke, after all.

"If his attention span is more than yours, he must have the attention span of a brick wall," Sabre snickered mentally to her brother, flashng an image of his still, stoic figure into his mind as she sliced the hand off of a flailing arm. At last, the hallway came to an end. With a triumphant… giggle?… she shoved one of the doors open. The maniacal sound echoed out from the hall and across the chamber, announcing her arrival to all within.

"My Lord!" she cried out, her amethyst eyes widening at the beautiful sight of her Father's true form. Her first instincts were to drop to one knee, but there were too many enemies around for that. Growling, she gauged who was the closest and took off at a sprint. She spotted the dragon girl and a man beside her dueling the heads of a hydra off to one side, then smirked at the lifeless Grentzen at her Father's feet. The old alchemist was too far, tending to the wounds of her Father's old, now useless shell, which left the large man and the… children? Oh, come on! She was ruthless, but even she wouldn't have brought children to this battle unless they had proven themselves worthy previously… which it seemed the children were doing so to some degree at the moment.

As much as she wouldn't mind killing off the little brats, Sabre decided it would be better to hurt them mentally first. "Get the gimp!" she laughed to her twin, sending a quick roundhouse towards the male brat. He skidded across the floor with a grunt, leaving Sabre one-on-one with the tall blonde. The hands followed him, causing Sabre to giggle again. "Catch him if you can," she chided, blocking the blonde's first strike with ease.

The pair dueled, back and forth, each woman determined not to be outdone by the other. For Callista, it was a matter of survival, keeping this vileness out of the world she and her children would be living in for the rest of their long, long lives. For Sabre, it was just another day of practice, this time in front of her Lord.

With a fierce yell, Callista raised Guillotine in a high arc. Sabre watched the pendulum shaped blade and jumped up. The blade passed beneath her feet and she grinned, stabbing with one and then the other sword. Callista followed through with her swing, spinning back half a step and lifting the large blade to block the Drow's attacks. She was vicious, but Callista intended to keep the vile woman and her idol from succeeding. As Sabre lunged forward for another flurry of blows, Callista narrowed her eyes and planted her feet. "No!" she growled, swinging Guillotine. The blade knocked into Sabre's blades, throwing the shots off of their intended mark. One sword managed to open up Callista's arm, but she paid no mind to the flash of pain. Stepping forward, she spun to put more strength behind the kick she sent in Sabre's direction.

Sabre lowered her blades, ready to protect herself from that damned blade, but she wasn't expecting to get kicked. Her eyes widened as the heel of Callista's boot connected with her gut and a whoosh of air left her open mouth. "KOR!" she shouted, flying backwards. Lashing out with her swords, she tried to stop her descent into the pit closest to the right door. Neither blade sunk in enough to stop her fall and soon enough, Sabre landed in a pile of unknown objects. "RRRAAAAAH!" she cried out, hurling a femur at the wall of the pit in frustration. Up above, Callista sighed with relief. One spawn of Zodo down, one to go… Wiping a bit of blood and grime from her face, she looked to Aitre before hurrying over to help her son continue to fight back the hands of Zodo.


Tiana paused as Redeemer struck Taal Zodo, forcing the 2 apart, she had seen a similar effect ten years ago but it had been incomplete, they had still been joined at the hip, hence why Legend still struck Taal in the side when Tiana had tried to defeat Zodo then.

She growled deep in her throat as Zodo addressed her, and she shook her head, "still delusional that this will end well for you. You said Taal was already dead, and you were wrong, lieing about that, said that Caylna was the wrong choice for Redeemer, and again, you were proven wrong, she and she alone could give Taal a second chance."

Tiana gripped Legened differently, preparing for a full impalement into the dark lord's chest when she heard some one come in and she hesitated for a few seconds, and Zodo summoned up the Hydra lord to stop her. When Grent stepped forward she cried out, "stop Grent!" but she knew it would fall on deaf ears and to soon she saw Grent murdered by Zodo, the only thing before that had stopped Zodo from out right blasting him the same way was Taal.

Tears welled up in her eyes, and she nodded her head at Maelstrom, he was right, Zodo was distracted, ready to gloat again over defeating the mighty barbarian, perhaps even raise him to fight Tiana. She HAD to prevent that, she took off running pumping her wings to get some height over the crawling corpses and undead pieces Zodo had summoned, "cover me father!" she called and was soon close enough to drive Legend straight into Zodo's black hole of a heart.

Icarias roared, the sound echoing off the walls as he watched his friend die, he would NOT go unavenged and Icarias spat molten lava at one of the Hydra's heads, trying to gain its attention but it seemed slugish, like it didnt want to fight when his ears picked up his daughter's call, and he answered swiftly, only way he could cover her was with his own body, like when he taught her to fly when she was a small child but he kept his talons off her, she didnt need to be held, but it would be hard for the hyrdra to get an actual bite in with out first chomping into Icarias, same with the balls of fire and other nasty surprises falling onto his hide and scale, fire idnt bother him so much as he often breathed it on himself, but there was only so much he could resist before getting burned, especially if blasted by magic first, but it was worth it to keep Tiana safe a few more seconds.

~*~ Kor laughed with his sister, running and slashing for Arangoth as he dashed by, then moving into the fray. So many targets, so little time… and there were bis Father's own creations to deal with. It was a brutal and messy battle… and exactly his sort of good time.

Like Sabre, he caught sight of one of the children, and went for the one she'd missed, but a sudden wall of rock put him off his balance, and he lifted an eyebrow slightly, moving to shatter it before four more walls of rock clashed up around him, and he grit his teeth, growling slightly. "Brat…" he whispered. The box was too small for him to lift his sword… so the chilren weren't here for quite no reason after all.

Letting out a roar, he closed his eyes and called up his more rarely used abilities, blasting the rock prison to pieces around him, sending shards of the stone flying through the room. He freed himself just in time to see his sister fall. His eyes widened, and for perhaps the first time, his iron composure cracked. She would survive the fall… she had to… He ran to the edge at her call, reaching to grab her hand, but he was able only to grab part of her scimitar, and all he got for his trouble was a vicious slash across the hand he'd extended. He wathed her fall into the blackness, eyes wide, and turned to the woman with the crystal armor who'd dared strike his sister… "Bitch!" he shouted, and a massive pillar of black flame shot out from his sword as he swung it towards her…

"RU!" Kaina shouted as her brother jumped away, and after she'd trapped the mean man with the sword who'd come for the one carrying her, she jumped away as well and ran over to him, rock spikes shooting up to protect her path as she made her way through the grasping hands till she got to her little brother and pulled one off him, throwing it to the pit and closing them in another rock shield, shaking her head. "Ru, we're supposed to stay! They said…" She clung to him a little, pieces of independently flying rock knocking hands back off her little fort, and cried in her mind for her father to come…

Aitre, meanwhile, had his hands full with the skeletal hydra, and jumped back, almost getting bitten in half, right before he saw the drow lady kick his son. Callista beat him to the punch, though, and he had to dodge again because of the distraction - this time less successfully. The creature's bite, however, closed on his left arm, resulting in more damage to the hydra's teeth than anything, and Aitre grinned slightly, holding his other hand back as a fireball grew on his palm.

"Wrong arm!" he yelled, and let the explosive spell go, blasting the creature's skull into fragments. It was then that a few of the rock bits from Kor's devastated prison hit him, knocking him back just slightly, and he saw the elf and his black flame, moving to attack the children and Callista again. "No!" he shouted, and ran between the dark elf and his family, gritting his teeth as the air around him glowed white hot, and brilliant, almost pure white flame crashed into the pitch black of Kor's fire. The two attacks collided and resulted in a massive explosion, but for all Kor's power, it was too rare that he came up against a mage with the ability to challenge him, and in his own enraged state, he hadn't been ready for the sheer fury of the pyromancer's flame.

The explosion was more directed for Kor than Aitre, and the drow was blasted back across the pit, nearly to the other side, but his back slammed into the sheer wall just below the ledge, and the air was driven from his lungs in a rush. Blackness closed in on him, and he fell limply into the pit with his sister, crashing down not far from her, while the blood from his hand stained the bones. All so quickly, both of them had been removed from the fight. If he'd been conscious, the shame would have been terrible…

Meanwhile, the phades came again towards Aitre, drawn by the fury of his magic, and the first one to come got his mithril and cryonite fist in return for its trouble. He knew about these things already, at least… fortunately they now seemed far less numerous. The hand flowed apart, growing those vicious metal claws again, and while he was slightly surprised, he didn't question it - instead, he twisted and used them on the next one, blasting still more flame at the hydra to attract them. Best they come for him and leave his daughter alone… he had to keep his magic outshining hers…

Armis roared in defiance as Calyna's attack struck home, and while he would have liked to celebrate the moment - it was only the midway point. His eyes quickly caught the way everything turned on her, and he leapt immediately to her side, scooping her up and pulling her away from the center of the room to a more defensible position beside Maelstrom, where his cone of lethally cold breath blasted several of the incoming creatures to shards of broken bone and flesh, and his claws and fangs took several more.

At one point, when his jaws were clear of enemies, he twisted to look at her, and a grin briefly spread across his features. I think you made them angry!" He actually laughed at this, a deep, throaty rumble, and completed his twist by smashing another group with his tail. Had this place nothing for a dragon to face?

His violet eyes caught the approach of the golems then, though, and he lowered his stance, preparing for their assault. Oh. There they are.


At the moment she struck, Calyna closed her eyes, as if afraid to see if it had worked or not, if she had failed because she was incapable of the forgiveness required for Redeemer to do it's work. At first, when she felt the sting that shot through her torso and face, she believed that she had indeed failed. Why else would it hurt? It was an odd pain, though. It hurt, but nothing overwhelming.

Opening her eyes because nothing happened after that initial sting, she saw Zodo rising in his true form, both beautiful and terrifying. Taal, finally fully separate was against the wall and he did not look well at all. She couldn't blame him. But where was the mark that should have been there? She knew she'd struck him, had felt the resistance of the weapon from hitting more than air.

Incredulous, she reached a hand to her face, where she could feel a trickle of dampness. It seemed that she did not even notice that now she was the main target for every evil thing in the room. Instead, she was gazing in puzzlement at the slight sheen of blood on her fingers.

That was when Armis snatched her up, carrying her to Maelstrom. All her puzzlement didn't matter when she saw him, obviously at the end of his strength and struggling. She cried out "Maelstrom!" and rushed to his side, wishing she could hold him up. She sounded desperate and she joined him in fighting off those that swarmed them. "I'm here, just hold on a moment longer love…"


The loud roar of the dragons quickly grabs Zodo's attention from his victory over Grentzen towards the sight before him. A twisted smile plays upon Zodo's face as he see's Legend coming straight for him. In an instant, Zodo brings up Forsaken and with a loud thundar and an arc of lightning, Legend crashes into Forsaken.

Ah, to think that this would have been an easy win as a decade before was such folly. For unlike before when Zodo wanted the illusion of victory for his enemies, Zodo now stands unprotected by his unwilling host. The God of Power is not one to go down easily, and wielding the sword Forsaken, Zodo is quite the swordsman. It could very well be said that all the strengths his children possess, Zodo had them first, and has perfected them beyond perfection. Fighting, war… these where the province of Zodo.

Zodo quickly and easily paried each and every one of Tiana's attacks with no effort. With each clash there followed the thundar and arc of power from the explosive interaction of the ultimate divine prescense against the ultimate evil. And with each skillful parry, each swift evade, Zodo's mind relished the thought of almost certain victory. Who could out maneuver a god, after all.

Through Zodo's thin smile he hissed, "Ah Tiana, Taal may soon wish to be dead, feeling not only the deep guilt of all the crimes past, and the coming ablution of this world, but also that his love is soon to be killed when all he could do is lie there and watch. Or are you really foolish enough to think yourswordsmanship can outdo mine?" Zodo's free hand began to crackle with dark energy, the very power which splattered Grentzen, soon to be used against Tiana.

Xyster rushed over to Taal as quick as he could, quickly shoving a potion down the paladin's mouth as soon as he got there. As Taal began to cough, Xyster smirked, "Good, cough, cause you ain't dyin' on us… not after the crap we went through to save yer ass!" Taal smiled weakly at Xyster's comments, but as he saw what happened to Grentzen his smile faded quickly.

Xyster, seeing the change in Taal's demenor, raised an eyebrow, then quickly looked towards Zodo. There, by Zodo's feet, Xyster saw the gutless, lifeless body of his dearest and closest friend… Grentzen.

At first a wave of saddness hit him but that was overtaken by something completely different. An erruption of anger not felt for many ages flowed through the old alchemist as he screamed, "First my wife, then my Rianna, and now my friend…. Zodo, your ass is mine!"

Taal tried to reach out for the old man, to stop him before doing something foolish, but it was too late, the old alchemist was already gone. Quickly Xyster rushed back towards the center, his eyes and his hatred dead set upong Zodo, when he was over come by the undead. Tried as he might to fight them off, swinging his knive and throwing explosive potions this way and that, the undead still managed to pring him down to the grown. As they swarmed over him, Xyster got another good look at the chaos around him. Undead and creatures long forgotten swarming into Forsaken, the mighty and just Hydra Lord, risen back as nothing but a puppet to Zodo fending off his enemies, the children hovering in a shelter of rock trying their best to surive the ongoing carnage and Zodo's evil, and Tiana locked in a dead heated battle against the evil god himself.

Xyster realized then, this could all end badly. All Zodo needs to do is kill Tiana and he'd be able to cast his Ablution. Even with Legend laying there, it would not accept anyone to wield it but it's chosen beholder. If Xyster wanted vengence against the dark god, the best way he could have it is to make sure that Tiana doesn't lose to Zodo. He needed to distract him.

Reaching in his bags past the scraches, clawing, and biting, Xyster pulls forth his necromancer's candle. Grunting, he crawls forth with all his might, hauling on top of him the sheer weight of at least fifty undead, towards the falling flames. There he held out the candle, stretching and trying to catch the fire until one of them lights the candle.

As the candle burned a orange flame, Xyster spoke low into it, "Oh wraith, keeper of the dead… You.. you have shown me your promise by keeping me alive when I ought not to be. You have told me of your hatred for your father, and your desire to see him fall. Please, answer my call now… we can not survive without your help. We must turn the undead against him, distract Zodo from Tiana so that she can get a damnable strike in. Just one, that is all it will take."

The flame changes from orange to black as a powerful wind knocks all the undead off of Xyster. Before Xyster the Spector appeared and lowered his hand. Taking it, Xyster was helped to his feet as Xyster looked strangly upon the angel of death, "You always seem to help me. I have to know, why?" The Spector simply states coldly, "What father would not help his son in need."

As Xyster stood there, dumbfounded, the Spector turned towards the undead and spoke, "Zodo holds no power over you greater than that of Archelus. Turn against him, and you will find freedom and salvation." With those words spoken most of the undead ceased their attacks against those in the room, and instead turned towards Zodo. Slowly, fighting hard at his will, the undead rose to attack the dark god. Even the mighty hydra lord turned and began a relentless attack against the dark god.

The Spector spoke again, loudly, "Zodo, your time has reached it's end. Mogen David has broken the contract and no longer will you use it to enslave mankind."

As Xyster was fighting the undead, before he had summoned up the Spector, Taal had pushed himself forward. The undead seemed unable to attack him, confused over the form they had come to know as their master. Quietly he came behind Tiana and as he spoke of him watching Tiana die helpless to prevent it, Taal simply laughed, "Zodo, you are gravely mistaken. The bond of our love cannot be shattered by your meaningless words and empty threats."

Zodo growled, "Empty threats? I will show you empty threats, of 'benevolent' one." With those words he released his dark enerby upon Tiana, but it was quickly countered by a wave of pure life magic before it could even reach Tiana.

Taal stood their, groaning in pain as he shot back Zodo's death ray with powerful life maginc, "No Zodo, I will not let you take her. Today, I will stop you."

Zodo laughed as he continued to parry Tiana and blast his corrupted power into the weakening Taal's life shield as Taal yells, sweating and crying blood, "YOU WILL NOT HAVE HER!"

Arangoth gasped as the boy jumped from him and growled when he saw Sabre kick the boy. He tried to go after her but then Kor came and tried to interfer. As he prepared to defend the girl he couldn't help but to smirk when the girl did a far better job. But to add to the problem, Kiana escaped him as well. That is when he saw them, phades.

Many of them were attacking Aitre who was busy casting powerful magic trying to attract them to him instead of his childred. But Zodo's will was far more powerful than the phades hunger for magic, or they would have been attacking Zodo himself. Instead, Zodo willed a good quarer of them to go after the children. Taking a deep breath, Arangoth rushed towards the children and leaped belly first ontop of their small earthen fortress. It took his breath as the painful jabs of rock puched hard at his abdomen, but still he managed to whisper, "Be still children, he has called the Phades. I will keep them off of you."

And that he did, channeling all his power to make himself and the children invisible to the phades. As he laid there, in pain, he watched as the undead soon stopped attacking them and started to turn against Zodo, a smile coming to his face, "Worry not children, the battle is almost over."

For a hardned warrior such as Maelstrom, to be so drained already in battle was unheard of. Little did he know it was Zodo's doing, pulling at Maelstrom's xodian blood to sap the warrior-king in a last effort to deprive Calyna of the man she loves.

But despite his fatigue, Maelstrom simply smiles at Calyna, "Worry not dear.. I will be fine." He chuckles, "You did it… you exposed Zodo, he is now weak for the first time in many ages, ready to be killed." Maelstrom continues to fight at the undead, though his swings and dodges become slower and slower. Soon the undead are able to leave their marks on him, drawing blood and bruises upon the fatigued emperor. But he doesn't complain, he keeps fighting on.

Maelstrom dared not look on as Grentzen was murdered, trying to keep himself focused on the fight at hand instead, and at protecting his dear wife. He shouts, though needlessly, at Armis, "If Tiana fails this will…. be all for naugt. We have to… find a way…to help her."

That is when the undead ceased their attacks and turned towards Zodo. Resting on his sword for a moment he looks onward, "What in Mogen David is going on… " he tries to say, but all that comes out before he collapses, drained of energy is "What in Mogen…"

Zodo continued to blast and parry away at Tiana's sword and Taal's life shield, even when the undead began clawing and biting at Zodo. But when the hydra's heads began attacking him, Zodo had to jump back. His attention soon drifted towards Xyster where he saw Spector standing next to him.

With a growl he mutters, "Xeno… the son who betrayed me…." Zodo fought on, attacking the undead and the hydra's many heads. But now the confidence was gone. Now a different fire danced within his eyes, the fire of mortal fear and his coming death….


Callista sighed with relief, but she only had a quick moment to relax. As soon as she was sure Aitre was all right and the vile Drow was stuck in the pit, she dashed over to her children. Hearing Aitre's shout, she whirled around, ready to defend her husband's life if necessary. Instead, it was he who was saving hers. She watched his fiery magic blast back the dark energy of Sabre… no… a male version of the Drow.

A look of surprise crossed her face, but Kaina's voice interrupted her thoughts. "Ru," she murmured, turning back and racing towards the earthen shell she knew the children were hiding under. "What in - " As Arangoth threw himself onto Kaina's protective shell, Callista swore under her breath. That had to have hurt.

Swinging Guillotine back and forth, Callista waded through the hordes of undead and hands until she finally reached the spot where Arangoth and her children had got to. It wasn't long, however, before the phades seemed to lose track of what they were attacking and the undead that had begun to attack stopped what they were doing. To her utmost surprise, they then turned to attack he whom had summoned them.

Callista's lungs and muscles burned from the long battle and she savored the time they'd just gained from this turn of events. "Ru… Kai…" she breathed, placing a hand on the earthen shell. "Are you both okay?" Though no one seemed to be paying too much attention to them at the moment, Callista kept her eyes constantly scanning the room for more danger. "Momma!" came her son's cry, muffled from inside the earth. "Mooommmmmmmaaa!"

Callista didn't need to see her son to know he was injured. Tears welled up in her sapphire eyes, spilling onto her cheeks and smearing the mess that was already there. "Ru, baby, Momma's here. Just hold on a few more minutes! Kai, keep him safe." Even from outside the shell, Callista could hear her son's sobs. Even as a baby he'd never cried so much.

Inside the shell, Ru continued to sob, the pain in his abdomen worse than anything he'd ever felt in his life. Sabre's kick had not only bruised his torso, but had broken a few of his ribs as well. Why couldn't they just go back a short time, back when their trip had been nothing more than a harmless excursion to visit a friend… A friend whom Callista saw was now dead…

Sabre swore as violently and as loudly as she could down inside the pit. Her sword dripped crimson, her own brother's blood, she knew. Growling, she lashed out viciously at the bones, the walls, and anything else stuck in the pit with her. An idea flashed into her head and she finally quieted herself, shifting her vision so that she could watch through Kor's eyes the events taking place up above. A wicked grin finally graced her lips as she watched the dark blast of energy arc towards the blonde sword maiden. "NO!" she barked, seeing the pyromancer not only block her twin's attack, but overpower it.

Returning to her own vision, she sheathed her swords and watched Kor slam into the wall above the pit. Her amethyst orbs remained glued on his form as he slipped into unconsciousness and finally fell into the pit with her. Gritting her teeth, she skittered forward, putting herself below her twin and managed to catch him somewhat. He was too heavy for her to catch outright, but she was able to break his fall at least.

She grunted as his body hit her, but she blocked out the pain and squirmed out from under him. If the kick hadn't already done so, she was sure her ribs were at the very least bruised now, if not cracked. Grunting again, she sheathed Kor's blade and made sure his body was not in any sort of awkward position before looking back up to the rim of the pit. Perhaps she could climb out. Moving to the side, she scanned the wall of the pit for any foot or handholds. It was smooth as a newborn's flesh.

The idea of tearing into a newborn's flesh came to mind as she pulled out her sword, striking the wall again and again and again. When she stopped, a few beads of sweat trickled down into her face and she looked at what she'd done - carved into the rockwall were the choppy letters "S Z". She scoffed. Did she truly have the right to claim that name as her own, after having been taken out with such ease?

What was she thinking?! Of course she did! She was Sabre Zodo - daughter of Zodo, Lord and God of all. "I WILL kill you all!" she roared, sending up a blast of dark energy. It hit the ceiling and shattered a few pieces of rock there, but she managed to roll out of the way of the debris before it joined her and her brother down in the pit.

At last, depression kicked in and Sabre finally succumbed to the fact that she would not be able to get out and fight for the time being. Moving back to her brother's side, she knelt beside him and put a hand on his neck. He was still alive, she could feel his pulse. With a quiet growl, she rest her hand on his shoulder, waiting for Kor to return to the realm of the wakeful. If he woke soon enough, maybe he could help get her back up and into the fray before their Father finished all of the enemies off by himself.


Tiana grinned toothily back at Zodo, not out of bravado, but determination, "In a straight out sword fight Zodo, perhaps I could, but with you nothing is ever straight forward is it?" She blinked as she heard Taal's voice behind her, and as he spoke, something inside her echoed what he was saying, not just for them, but for everyone who had died and those who were still fighting.

Tears started down her face as she saw almost to late the blast of energy that was heading straight for her and there was nothing she oculd do but take it head on and hope. To her surprise it was blocked, and she looked back at Taal as he yelled, and she whispered to him, "I love you," before turning her attention back to Zodo, "You still dont get it, do you? I guess you wouldnt,. all you can see is the hatred, the greediness of humankind. You arent face a group who are looking for glory from defeating Zodo, you arent facing some one who is looking for vengence for those they have lost. You arent even facing an army that is eager to loot forsaken of any and all treasures left hidden with in these walls."

As she spoke her movements grew stronger, almost faster as she tried to get an advantage, "You're facing the 2 things you cant control, nor deflect, the choice of free will and with it freedom, and love. Everyone here is here because of love, wether for their family, their home, or the memory of those they have lost, and you cant force us back."

She raised one of her hands and at that moment a small ball of magma came flying and gravitated towards her hand and she flung it straight into Zodo's face hoping to momentarily blind him as she swung once more at his chest. "There is only one way to end this, to keep you on this plane would mean destruction of our world, of everything, including yourself, and I wont allow that to happen."

Icarias looped around looking for an oportunity to help his daughter when he spotted Xyster trying to free himself from undead and he quickly moved to help his friend. He wasnt far from Xyster when a large wind blew up, knocking away the undead that had piled on him and Spector to rise and seemingly appear from nothing, which he was good at.

Icarias banked and turned his attention back to his daughter, Xyster was alright for now, you couldnt get much better then having the god of the dead by your side when he saw his little girl raise her hand like he had taught her so long ago to try and force call a rock into her hand, if she had still been dragonian she oculd have made her own, so he helped the best he could, spitting a small amount of molten rock out and it zoomed straight and true.

Movement caught his attention and he looked over at Taal behind her and saw him starting to falter, and he knew who he really had to help. He landed behind Taal and wrapped his tail around one of his legs and scooted so he was directly behind him like a leaning post, "I know Xodians can draw on power," he whispered, "use that," he didnt say how, but knew the contact would make it easier.


Armis nodded sharply to Maelstrom and Calyna, but it was all he could do to protect them - and he couldn't leave them on their own, not with Maelstrom's strength fading and much of Calyna's already gone… with the golems and the other creatures closing in no matter how the dragon struck them down, it was simply too much for him to try and assist anyone else…

He let out a frustrated roar, smashing his claws into an iron golem as it came near. The metal was too soft to stand up to his claws, but the machine felt no pain, and Armis tore into it again, then pulled back and blasted it with his breath, freezing and crystallizing the metal, then spinning and smashing it hard enough that the iron itself shattered. One more defeated…

Even so, the dragon was nearing the end of his endurance. This battle was going on too long, and he'd had too much need of his strength and the magic of his breath. If it didn't end very soon, he too would start to succumb to fatigue as the others were.

It was then, though, just as another horde of undead were almost upon them, that the creatures suddenly stopped. At first Armis thought it some trick, and was quick to lash out at the stilled creatures before they reanimated, fearing even when they started in a different direction that they meant to attack Tiana. But they went for a different target… Zodo?

He glanced up and recognized the form of Spector, and his lips pulled back in a vicious grin. So that was it! The keeper of the dead who'd released himself, Icarius, Calyna and Xyster… he meant to take a more active role in this battle after all!

A deep laugh came from Armis' throat, and he reared up, turning back to Calyna and Maelstrom. "Climb on! There is support left to lend her, and I'll not leave you alone!"

Aitre smashed another of the relatively fragile Phades aside, every muscle in his body aching, even the metaphysical ones - he'd pushed his abilities too far beyond their limits this day, and he intended to push them further, but it was the physical fighting he was more unused to. Even so, the metal arm was the one part of him that was incapable of tiring, and the physically vulnerable Phades fell easily enough, thank Mogen. He moved closer to the children and Callista, his heart wracked by his son's sobs, but he gave Arangoth a nod of thanks and blasted aside another patch of undead - only to have them suddenly shift their focus.

He grinned, finally seeing a bright light at the end of the darkness, but something else caught his eye when the undead changed their priorities… "Esta…bon…" Aitre whispered quietly, tears welling in his emerald eyes. "He can't… he's too strong wasn't he…?" Aitre took a step back from the sight, horror closing in on him, and his flames failed for the first time since the battle had started - lucky enough a thing that the undead had changed their alleigance. But the iron golem coming up behind him had done no such thing, and lifted a fist to bring it down on the pyromancer.

Aitre's hands balled into fists, the metal hand snapping slightly as it popped from the pressure, and Aitre turned abruptly, smashing his metal fist into and through the golem's chest with a roar of anguish and rage.

"ZODO!" he shouted, tears streaming down his face, and he pulled the golem to the ground, pressing down into it as he pulled a trick he'd never managed before. Fire was one thing for him, but to the dark god, magical flames were less than useless. But he was vulnerable enough to other, more physical forms of attack, at least in this form, and while he couldn't be killed by them… Aitre could certainly give Tiana the shot she needed.

Forsaken was more than the rock Kaina was controlling. It had a powerful foundation of cryonite and even tougher metals running all through it to support the massive structure… metals that heeded Aitre's anguished call. The floor under Zodo suddenly turned liquid - even from across the room, Aitre, in his pain, had managed to extend his influence so far. Strands of liquid metal shot up to him, sharpening to punch through his armor, but not to kill… the spikes would drive into him from every angle, the contact spreading the control into the metal of his armor and securing it, putting roots into the tough plating as though it was soft cheese, extending Aitre's control to that metal as well… still more filaments would strike for his sword, and Aitre would simply melt that away, driving it to fold around his arm and lock the joints of the armor… hold him in place for Tiana's killing blow.

"No more of my friends die! It's your turn! Yours, you BASTARD!"


Calyna did not care about Grentzen, Xyster, Arangoth…any of them, really. Tiana and Zodo could be having a battle of noddle wands for all she cared. Her part was done. She had separated Taal and Zodo, now the rest could do their parts.

It was Maelstrom she cared about now. He looked so tired, not right at all. What was going on? He should not be so exhausted yet. For that matter, neither should she. But she did feel tired, so utterly drained that all she wanted to do was curl up with Maelstrom and sleep as if they were back in his -no, their- bed at the palace. She wanted to be able to forget about Forsaken, forget the darkness and small spaces, leave behind Sark and all the confusion and pain confrontation with him stirred within her.

So her attention on who was doing what within the throne room was not as keen as it normally would have been. It was only in her peripheral vision that she took in Xyster assisting Taal before the old alchemist broke into a fury. Part of her head understood why Xyster would attack the Dark God when he knew he would not be able to defeat him, but at hte same time she wondered why he bothered. She was so tired. Why weren't they? This really wasn't fair.

Spector showing up at the scene of the battle was far more puzzling, but she was too far away for even her hearing to catch the words between Xyster and Spector, not when all the other noise was present. However, by the dumbfounded look on Xyster's face, it was something she would have to inquire about later. That little note was filed away in her tired mind, to hopefully be recalled later. She tried to protect Maelstrom as he faltered more, but she was not far behind him in her decline. Unfortunately, she was growing slower too, barely avoiding the onslaught and had more than a couple scratches to prove the existence of several close calls.

Just has she was becoming resigned to the belief that this would be the end, because even Armis would not be able to fend off the undead and the hydra for long, it all simply..stopped. There was nothing more to defend against, no disgusting moving flesh and rot of the undead. No more. She sank down next to Maelstrom with only a little more dignity and modicrum of choice about doing so.

Weary, she turned a deadened gaze towards Zodo and Tiana. "I don't know..but everything is attacking Zodo…Come on Tiana…"

Her head tilted up at Armis, understanding what he wanted. Looking down at Maelstrom, she gave an exhausted shake of the head in resignation. "I can't, Armis..I can't pick him up, I can't leave him…My time is over, I've done what is needed. The others can have the glory, the finishing blows. You go, help them. We're not under attack anyway…"


Once he was certain all of the phades were gone and the undead no longer a thread did Arangoth stand. Parts of his armor on his admomen were broken and pieces of sharp rock were still impelled, dripping with fresh blood. But if he felt the pain, which surely Arangoth did, he did not show it. Arangoth had learned long, long ago how to hide his pain, having been tortured countless times. It is what made him a fierce warrior, when others would be anguished by severe paid he'd fight on as if he felt no pain.

Kneeling next to the children, the dark knight smiles, "Look children, the nightmare, it is soon to be over. Zodo has lost his hold upon this world. Soon the light will shine and peace will reign." His eyes drift over to the boy and his swollen chest. Sighing he smiled at him, "You are so brave young one. But even bravery cannot undo pain." Turning, he calls out to Xyster, "Xyster, this boy needs your help."

Xyster stood there for a moment in shock and confusion. What did the Spector mean, Xyster knew his father.. and it certainly wasn't death himself. Could it be because Spector had made him a physical body?

But his musings were ended when he heard Arangoth. Quickly the old alchemist rushes over and kneels down before the boy. Shaking his head Xyster jests, "I bet the whopin' you gave to who did this is far worse. This is only a broken rib.. or four."

Xyster takes out a milky white potion and holds the boy's head back, administering it himself, "Yeah, I know the potion takes bad. Ran out of bone healin' chocolate." As soon as he's done Xyster hands the boy a chocolate bar, "But here's some guarenteed to take that taste away. So eat on this, but don't move around. No more kickin' Zodo's ass for you today."

Xyster then turns to Callista, "Now, that potion ain't gonna heal him instantly. It will take a while, but it starts the process, and loosely attaches his bones in place for him so the healin will be faster. It will also keep down infection and fever. But no runnin, bouncin, flyin, or other fun stuff for at least two weeks."

Xyster then turns to Arangoth, "What in Xodod did you do, try to make armor out of dirt?" Arangoth shakes his head, "Don't worry about me, I'm fine." Xyster nods, "Uh huh… " He then turns to Callista, "Hold his ass down will ya. He needs treatment, and I just don't feel like arguin' with him."

Maelstrom sighs, seeing how week Calyna has become herself. He then looks up at Arangoth, "It's no good. I don't think either of us could climb on your back, nor would we be able to stay on in a heated fray against Zodo himself." He then looks towards Xyster and the others, "But over there, we should be able to rest a bit, away from immediate danger and in the company of others." He takes Calyna's hand, "Come on dear, we can do it, together."

The attack by the undead and the hydra caused Zodo to have to end his magic blasting towards Tiana, and thus at Taal's shield. With the attack ended, Taal fell backwards into Icarius, fully exhausted. Taking a sigh of relief, Taal whispers,"Thanks friend…" He then allows himself to take some of Icarius's strength, but instead of keeping it for himself, he stretches his hand out to Tiana and gives it to her, "It is almost over, Tiana. Just one good strike, that is all it takes…"

Things were becoming increasingly difficult for the dark god now. With the attacks of the undead and the hydra coming in from all angles, he had to focus himself over a larger area, and unfortunately for him, that was Zodo's one weakness. To compensate, the dark god had to end his magic blast towards Tiana.

Zodo ignored the undead. Everytime they touched him they burst into flames anyways, and their attacks would do nothing to him. The hydra's attacks were equally ineffective physically, however they were able to move and push Zodo's physical body, which would leave him open for Tiana's sword.. something Zodo could not allow. Zodo growled as with one hand he blasted away the hydra heads with his powerful magic, and the other hand continued to parry Tiana's sword strikes. He had come to close to achieving his goal to loose now. Hissing, the dark god speaks, "Is this the best you can do, oh sword bearer? Why don't you give up. Give up and run away and perhaps I may spare you… Perhaps I may take you as my bride."

The magma attack did nothing to faulter Zodo's attack. While it momentarily covered his eyes, only to melt away within moments, a god did not require physical eyes to see, especially one like Zodo. His vision could pierce the thickest metal. It was only a simple irritation.

However as soon as that had faded the very metal in the room began to attack Zodo, attempting wrap itself around him. Turning his attention to Aitre, Zodo laughed darkly, "Aitre, really now. Do you think you can out power the god of power? Yes, you have an admirable control over metal, but it was I who created metal. Behold, as I show you how it is done.. perhaps to once again encase your beloved in metal."

With but a simple thought, all of the metal fled from Zodo, and came rushing back towards Aitre, aimed especially for Callista. The very earth that Callista stood upon began to give in , ready to wrap around Callista's feet. The metal and earth answered Zodo's call without hesitation or exertion on Zodo's part. Zodo, the dark god of power was indeed a master of this art. His sheer power and control over all the elements would eclipse Aitre a hundred times over.

But with this simple show of power, with his simple arrogance and need to prove himself, Zodo forgot about one thing. Tiana. For while Zodo had turned onto Aitre and demonstrated to the pyromancer that he was better than him, Tiana's sword had a free, unguarded opening. Perhaps if Zodo had realized that it was Aitre's intention all along to buy Tiana some time, to give her an opening, he'd left the attack along, shrugged it off like he did Tiana's magma blast. But Zodo could not, for he was trully arogant and prideful above all things.

As Zodo stood there, laughing at Aitre, Legend pierced his flesh. Zodo's eyes widened as sudden fear and doom creeped over him. He turned quickly, ready to incinerate Tiana, but it was too late, the attack was done. Magic would not answer him. As Legend stayed within Zodo's flesh, it freed itself from Tiana, refusing her. A chorus seemed to break out from the world and the air became very still for but a moment and Zodo, in all is might and glory, collapsed down to his knees.

For that moment his eyes shone for the first time since his creation with the tears of pleading and remorse. But it was too late for him. The holy energy of Mogen David's Word rushed in through the sword quickly. Zodo's eyes disappeared within an instant, and the halo exploded, sending a powerful burst of wind throughout the room. The fires consumed his wings, and his skin began to shrivel up as Zodo eventually imploded upon himself, letting out a powerful blast of magic, hatred, greed, evil, pride, agony, dispair, and power throughout the room and beyond.

Taal held on hard to Tiana as the god of greed collapsed before them. As the wind hit, he whispered joyfully, "It is done, the age of Zodo has ended! Mogen David is victorious!" A calm voice whispered within Tiana's head, "Victory is yours, the time for healing will begin. Legend is no longer needed within this world. You may keep the form it gave you, or you may take up your old self, the choice, as with all choices, is yours."

Maelstrom stopped short and turned towards Zodo, seeing him fall. He wraps his arms onto Calyna, his eyes swelling with tears, "Finally.. the suffering.. the hatred.. the fear. It has come to pass!" He takes Calyna's head,gently within his hands, feeling his strength returning to him quickly and gazes into her eyes for but a second before kissing her deeply and passionatly as the wind hits.

A calm voice echoes through all the minds of the heroes, except Kor and Sabre, "May the days of your lives from here on out be filled with joy and love, and know that I am with you for all eternity."

The powerful blast of magic soon hit all in the room, but it's effects were unfelt. Instead as the power escaped and wrecked destruction upon the world, the room fell forgotten to time itself…. The powerful blast of magic was unfelt and unnoticed by all within the throne room and within Forsaken itself. As the powerful wave of chaotic magic rushed out of the room, it took all the elements with it, including time. The powerful seal prevented these elements from returning into Forsaken, preventing time itself.

Thus unknowingly, everyone stood as they were for four hundred and fifty years, unchanged and unaffected by time. During that time the chaotic forces let out in Zodo's death throws melded in with the fragile magic environment. The results were catastrophic and a great magical apocalypse took place. Whole landmasses were ripped apart and flung together with different landmasses. Devestation and death rained upon the world for neary 400 years.

Thanks to the warning given by Mogen David's messanger, Melanie, many people took to the underground and survived. But still many more people refused to listen to the messanger or were un able to escape underground, and for that they perished above ground.

Around the year 500, feeling that the magical fallout may be over, people took to the surface. The world they saw was not the world they remembered. However life was present again. Trees grew, animals lived, and things seemed stable enough.

So the brave few went forth and discovered areas of land where the chaotic magic fields were weakest. There they built cities and rediscovered long, long forgotten technologies o replace the magic that now was too dangerous to use. With these technologies, people were able to build defenses against the rampant magic storms and the devestating rogue magic and able to survive and grow once more.

But life will never be the same. Instead of facing extention from Zodo however, at least now they can just 'survive'. Eventually the magical barrier that had sealed Forsaken began to falter. But even then all the elements didn't rush in. Slowly they crept in, earth, fire, water, air, life, death, time, and space. In here, of all places, they seemed to be free from the chaotic magic, which had escaped from here long ago.

Thus curiously the only safe magical place was the home of the dark god himself. But no one ever knew it, for no one dared to approach Forsaken, not even the wild men who had been so deranged by chaotic magic and were rendered insane, would go near that place.


Wiki+ page: Guns

Currently, Capa City has 2 major weapon manufacturers and one smaller one. However, they also have several industries that provide assisting services to gun-users1;

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1. Guns of the 5th Era or 'Got-Five'

A group of crime-funded gunsmiths whose guns rely not as much on logic as on the firepower they were able to stuff into them. Their guns aren't known for their accuracy or their reliability, but for their sheer firepower and of course the company's marketing posters about a conversation between two friends,one of whom is holding a Got-Five Capa Striker; 'Do you have a gun?' 'No, I got-five!'.

Got-Five Capa Striker - A semi-automatic shotgun utilising a 12-shot revolving drum magazine. Highly inaccurate, making it ineffective at a range of over 15 blocks and prone to misfiring and drum magazine jams. Also a fairly costly weapon to keep in good shape; bad shape results in severely quick jamming. Next to that, it's quite slow to reload. Has a front grip and a back grip, allowing for a relatively short frame and stable shooting if the user has a good biceps. Prone to overheating which can cause more misfires, but can be fired as fast as you pull the trigger. Fires G5 shotgun special rounds. Outlawed by Xyster for 'civilian use'; you don't want the guards or Capa City Investigation Bureau to find these anywhere near you. Takes 20 spaces stored.

Attack Fire Rate DP Range Weight Cost
6 12 100 15 40 400.00
Extra Info Must be reloaded after 12th shot, taking 2 support actions to do so; 20% chance of jamming; 15% chance of backfire

Got-Five Capa Sweeper - A 5-round pump-action shotgun. Expensive, but more reliable than the Capa Striker. A good shotgun with an effective range of 20 blocks, and the only pump-action shotgun out there. Fires G5 shotgun special rounds. Takes 18 spaces stored.

Attack Fire Rate DP Range Weight Cost
8 5 100 20 30 700.00
Extra Info Must be reloaded after the 5th shot, taking 2 support actions to do so

Got-Five Rabid Wolf-S, Rabid Wolf-X or Rabid Wolf - A double-barreled shotgun, and quite a cheap one at that. The rounds can be fired seperately, but reloads are necessary. An all-time favorite of Capa's crime, and often sawn-off in order to keep it more concealable. Quite inaccurate, but it packs quite the punch. Fires either standard shotgun ammunition (Rabid Wolf-S), G5 shotgun special (Rabid Wolf-X) or G5 shotgun rounds (Rabid Wolf). Takes 18 spaces stored.

Attack Fire Rate DP Range Weight Cost
10 2 100 12 25 200.00
225.00 -S
250.00 -X
Extra Info Must be reloaded after the 2nd shot, taking 1 support action to do so.


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2. Capacitator Revolvers

Another Capa company making money off of the arms race, this time with a Frontier and Cosmopolitan Human background. With 'Capacitators DE-capacitate!' as their catchphrase, they've become the supplier of the Capa City Watch and Village Guards' standard issue weapon; the CR I Revolver. Capacitator Revolvers are powerful and reliable. Capacitator Revolvers produces 4 models of revolvers and 1 type of lever-action rifle.

CR I Revolver a.k.a. 'the Town Crier' - The standard issue 6-round revolver for guards and other law enforcement in Capa City, the CR I is a relatively small calibre revolver with a high accuracy and low kick. Used by the law enforcement to shoot kneecaps and hands to incapacitate criminals. A very reliable revolver. Uses CR type I ammunition. Takes 5 spaces stored.

Attack Fire Rate DP Range Weight Cost
6 6 200 10 8 100.00
Extra Info Must be reloaded after 6th shot, taking 1 support action to do so.

CR II Revolver - A heavier type of the CR I, the CR II is used by guards and criminals alike who found the CR I to be a little too weak for their liking. More kick, but the same accuracy and reliability make the CR II a potent weapon. Uses CR type II ammunition. Takes 5 spaces stored.

Attack Fire Rate DP Range Weight Cost
8 6 200 10 12 300.00
Extra Info Must be reloaded after 6th shot, taking 1 support action to do so.

CR III Revolver - The heaviest CR revolver from the Capacitator factory, the CR III is a complete danger. It's accuracy has dipped a little in comparison to the CR II, as well as it's reliability having fallen and its kick increased, but a hit from the CR III tends to 'pass through' the enemy, allowing for shooting multiple enemies at once. Uses CR type III ammunition. Takes 5 spaces stored.

Attack Fire Rate DP Range Weight Cost
10 6 100 8 14 600.00
Extra Info Must be reloaded after 6th shot, taking 1 support action to do so; passes through 1 unarmored enemy to strike the target behind it; 10% chance of jamming

CR Grentzen - What's better than having just a revolverl? Right, a revolver that's also a sword. The CR Grentzen delivers in this department. The Grentzen is basically a steel shortsword with a close range 4-shot revolver embedded into the hilt, with the barrel replacing part of the crossguard; when firing, the sword would face towards the sky. The CR Grentzen has become a favorite of sky pirates and airship crews alike due to it's relative ease in switching between the pistol and sword function, of which the hand position is nigh identical. The shortsword is of relatively good quality as well, making the CR Grentzen a dangerous weapon. It comes in several models, with the most basic being fairly cheap and basic, while the most expensive tend to be flashy enough to be used in parades or in ballroom dances for the Capa upper class. The revolver fires CR type I ammunition. Sword stats are the same as a short sword, below are the gun stats. Takes 20 spaces stored.

Attack Fire Rate DP Range Weight Cost

8 - gun
10 - sword

6 200 10 8 160.00
Extra Info Must be reloaded after 6th shot, taking 1 support action to do so. Block value of 10.

CR Overwatch - A semi-automatic 6-shot lever action rifle. Utilises CR type IV ammunition. Takes 18 spaces stored.

Attack Fire Rate DP Range Weight Cost
10 6 200 12 18 350.00
Extra Info Must be reloaded after 6th shot, taking 1 support action to do so.


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3. James and Sons Gunblade Conversion

A company founded by Henry James and his three sons, focusing on the production of gunblades out of SSAP, CR and other revolvers. Their company ran relatively well, until the invention of the CR Grentzen, which was a lot more practical than the James' design, which involved aligning the revolver barrel with the back of the sword. However, James gunblades have received a cult status amongst airship veterans who claim that the James design allows for way more accurate shooting with the gunblade, whilst also allowing for different types of blades to be attached to them. By now, Henry has died, and his son David has taken over the business, working alone. As of now, he also does custom conversions in the 'Grentzen gunblade'-style. James gunblades are relatively rare, but renowned for their quality and the fact that the aim of the revolver often is barely affected.

Modification Attack Block DP Range Weight Cost
Choice of Sword Blade Depends on sword type Depends on sword type Depends on sword type x 0.75 Blade depends on sword, reduces gun range by 2 Depends on sword type Sword type + 50.00


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4. Shadow Suppressors

Currently the only manufacturer of suppressors in Nor'Ova. They manufacture suppressors for all Caperian guns. The lack of competition is often contributed to the owner of Shadow Suppressors' tie-in with the Capa City criminality.

Modification Effect Weight Cost
Revolver Suppressor Silences noise 0.5 20.00
Rifle Suppressor Silences noise 1 40.00
Shotgun Suppressor Silences noise 1 50.00
  • 1. Original Gun designs submitted by Freek Oude Maatman


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