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Wiki+ page: Forsaken Legends


1. Information

Forsaken Legends is a 3rd Era campain. It starts in the year 580 of the Third Era. This campaign largely takes place in the continent of Chalcedonia, but may include other lands if desired by the GM.

The premise of this campaign revolves around the Kingdom of Asteria and its king, King Armeas Mercleis. It appears that he has lost all will and desire due to the tragic deaths of his wife and daughter, and has given reign of the kingdom over to Lord Kyp Valen, the "Mouth of the King". Throughout the campaign Lord Kyp Valen will plunge the kingdom in darkness. It will be rumored that Kyp Valen is possessed by the spirit of Kamele, the son of the dark god Zodo, and that he is keeping King Armeas in the state he is in while seeking out the orbs of Power and Spirit, each containing an essense of Zodo. This campaign will include a quest line to find and assemble either (or both) the Sword of Legend and the Sword of Forsaken as well as other artifacts found in the Lore section of this wiki.

Of course it will be up to the GM to determine what is really going on. This campaign can be changed up and ran in any way the GM desires, however, it will be written up as an on going quest to save the kingdom. This campaign will not introduce anything new as far as equipment, races, and the like are concerned. Instead it will depend upon the default game races, goods, and rule sets found in this wiki. This campaign will, however, introduce lore and story for Third Era Nor'Ova. This campaign should prove easy enough to run and play for GM's and players new to Legends of Nor'Ova.


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2. Prologue

Sir Tyrus Neelson marched with purpose down the winding marble steps to the palace's crypts. The knight was a large man by western standards, standing a towering six foot six and well built sporting a chiseled face framed with a fiery red beard. It was often rumored that the silver dragonscale of his armor hid dragon instead of man.

Sir Tyrus was the knight representative of his lord, Lord Governor Kious Belengard of the Turnkey Province. Every provincial lord sent at least one knight to stand at court in the royal palace as a show of their fealty to the king and the kingdom, as was custom. These knights would often speak on their lord's behalf, and if the need came, serve to protect the king. Sir Tyrus was well known for speaking out for his parish, often clashing with heated debate against the recently appointed mouth of the king, Lord Kyp Valen.

Kyp Valen's own appointment to that of Mouth of the King was a bit of a controversy. He had been little more than a simple scribe, lord only due to the nobility of his blood, when the previous Mouth of the King suddenly fell ill and died. The fact that this happened soon after the loss that drove the King to despair led many to whisper dark suspicions about Lord Kyp. The rumors seemed not to matter though for none would dare to challenge their beloved King, who the Mouth of the King was seen as an extension of.

The last argument with Lord Kyp had been the final straw for Sir Tyrus. This time he meant to take his grievances against the Mouth with the King himself. Finally reaching the bottom of the stairs, the knight came before the cast iron door of the crypt and the two knights guarding it. Both shorter than Sir Tyrus by at least a head, they wore the dark blue scale armor of the king's personal guard, the Shadow Guard, so named as they were to be always in the shadow of the king. “Let me pass,” bellowed Sir Tyrus in a voice that would not accept objection, “I must speak with the King. He must be aware of what Lord Kyp is doing in his name!”

The guard on the right shook his head, “Would that I could, but His Grace wishes not to be disturbed unless there is a true threat to the kingdom.” Sir Tyrus could tell that the Shadow Guard wished to say more, but he was honor-bound to not say anything that could tarnish the King's image. “Then surely the king must hear me,” Sir Tyrus protested, “for the future of the kingdom is at stake.”

The two Shadow Guard glanced at each other saying nothing before the one who spoke earlier relents, “Very well knight of the realm, you may pass.” They both step aside giving entry to the door behind them. “May you be successful at reaching His Grace,” the shadow guard added. “May the Mogen David will it to be.”

With a deep breath to steel his nerves, Sir Tyrus Neelson passed through the iron portal into the darkness beyond. What little light there was seeped through the open door behind him and from the single lantern on a side table next to the king. All other sources of light had been long extinguished, but what little light there was was enough. King Armeas Mercleis, son of the great Arameas Mercleis who defeated the Ascian nation in the previous age sat before him. He was hunched over and what valor and strength the king may once have possessed had been eaten away by despair. A man who had once been undeniably handsome with strong features, deep blue eyes, and thick, curly blond hair looked ragged and fully beaten. Though shorter than some when he stood straight at five foot ten, he looked much smaller in the depths of his depression. Sir Tyrus couldn't help but to shed a tear for his king as he knelt before him.

King Armeas had once shown great promise. When he was barely a king, his great skill of diplomacy had settled the feud with his brother Camden, giving him land to rule as his own since Camden refused to share the realm. His great vision had helped to bring peace and prosperity to the kingdom, and all had loved him. But then tragedy struck, and the king lost not only his wife, Queen Lea, but also one of his twin daughters, Princess Campella. Ever since then the King has hidden himself in his despair deep within the royal crypts, seemingly paralyzed by grief.

The king barely looked up at Sir Tyrus before looking back down at the dress and the doll he clung to, his eyes seemed clouded and distant as if the king wasn't truly there. “Your Grace,” Sir Tyrus finally willed himself to speak, “I am Sir Tyrus Neelson, representative knight of Lord Governor Kious Belengard of the Province of Turnkey. I come before you to inform you of the terrible darkness that awaits the kingdom of Lord Kyp Valen isn't dealt with.”

Sir Tyrus waited a moment, hoping to have some kind of reaction from his king, but the king sat there saying nothing. “Your Highness, Lord Kyp has been executing people without trial, in your name sire!” Sir Tyrus almost shouted hoping to rouse his king. King Armeas simply mumbled, “T…. tell Lord Kyp…. He… He'll know… what to do….”

“You can't be serious!” Sir Tyrus shouted, “Lord Kyp is the problem! He's proclaiming all born under the runic element of death as enemies of the realm, sending them to work camps or having them killed out right!” Sir Tyrus wants to grab the king and shake him, but he knows to do so would cost him his own life. “He's even sending babies to their death Your Grace! Babies! All because they have the misfortune of being born during the wrong months!”

“T…. tell Lord Kyp…. He… He'll know… what to do….”

“Are you not hearing me, Your Grace?!” Sir Tyrus's face was flushed red with anger. “Lord Kyp has even broken the Treaty of Asteria, signed and put into law by your father, by sending people to the abomination that is Turnkey Prison which was ordered closed by the treaty! Sire, the eastern and mountain provinces are outraged over this! Your Lord Kyp will break our country in two!”

“T…. tell Lord Kyp…. He… He'll know… what to do….”

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3. Chapters


Wiki+ page: The Chalcedonian Calendar


The Forsaken Legends campaign setting makes use of the Chalcedonian Calendar. It is the default calendar of Nor'Ova in the official timeline, and has been the default calendar system since the First Era. The story presented in this campaign makes use of this calendar, and you are welcome to use it, or you may substitute another calendar as long as the default number of days per Nor'Ovan year is still met. The timekeeping rules for the Forsaken Legends campaign are the same as the default game rules.

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1. The Months & Seasons

The Chalcedonian calendar divides its year into fifteen 40-day months. Each month begins on the new moon and ends on the day before the next new moon. Due to the very regular orbit of Nor'Ova's large moon, each month is exactly the same.

Here are the months of the Chalcedonian calender, organized by seasons.

 Month Element Season
Afteryule Earth Spring
Chyr Air
Tarsis Water Summer
Kyporus Fire
Elasys Life Autumn
Marpegoth Death
Elynt Time Winter
Foreyule Space

Due to having two suns, even if one of them is barely qualified as a sun and is simply known as the "Morning Star", Nor'Ova's winter is shorter than its other seasons on average. Obviously, the true lenght of each season will depend greatly on one's distance from the equator. Furthermore, this calendar is based on northern hemisphere seasons. The seasons would swapped for southern hemisphere gameplay.

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2. Example Calendar

Here is an example of a calendar for a month in the Chalcedonian calendar. Again, each month is the same.

Solas Duesday Tresday Qetrasday Idesweek Seisday Setesday Octasday Nuevsday Lunas
New Moon
2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
First Quarter
12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
Full Moon
22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30
Last Quarter
32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40
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Wiki+ page: Initial Dungeon: Turnkey Prison (Prison Escape!)

This is the initial dungeon for the campaign. While the GM could choose not to use this dungeon, it is designed to be the event that gets the campaign started.

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1. Objectives

The party must escape Turnkey Prison

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2. Setting

Turnkey Prison is an old prison created by the Ascian Empire during the Second Era. It was supposed to be closed by order of the King after the fall of Ascia and the founding of Asteria at the beginning of the Third Era, but someone has started using it again and have jailed the party here. Turnkey Prison is located in the north eastern Crystal Mountains, within Turnkey Province in the Kingdom of Asteria.

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3. Special Note

This is the start of the campaign. During character creation the players should not do any equipment shopping or have any starting currency. They will start this campaign naked and without any gear.

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4. Story

The party is awakened by the loud slamming of heavy metal doors only to find themselves naked in coffin like cells. They fall back unconscious.

Darkness. Total and complete darkness. Avan blinked his eyes thrice just to be certain that they were indeed open, but it changed nothing. Am I blind, he wondered as he tried to make sense of the blackness that swallowed him. Have I ever been able to see? Panic griped him, threatening to strangle him as Avaninden realized that he couldn't remember anything more than his name.

Fear is the enemy, Avan mediated as he tried to calm himself down, and indeed his breathing did slow and his heart did relax. But the fear was still present all around him. It took Avaninden a short while to realize that the fear he felt was not his own. This place is filled of fear, he remarked mentally, I must figure out where it is that I am.

As he allowed himself to relax, Avaninden quickly realized that he was laying on hard, cold metal. His muscles quaked and protested as he tried to move, feeling with disgusted horror wet stickyness under his back end and between his legs. Avan also soon discovered that what he laid in was a box barely longer than he was long and as wide as he was wide if his arms laid beside him. Reaching up, Avan was horrified to find that he could barely extend his elbow before finding the ceiling. What is this, Avan thought as the fear threatened to take him, a freakin' coffin? Despite how hard he tried to calm himself down, he could not. Avan feared that he was buried alive and could not let go of that fear. The other fears he felt around him did not help the situation any and before he knew it Avan had passed out.

An unknown amount of time passed before Avaninden awoke to the familiar darkness. Steadying himself, Avan thought, I must see if there is a way out of this box. First he tried to push up, thinking that perhaps it was indeed a coffin. He pushed with all of his might, but the ceiling would not budge, not even the slightest. Perhaps it is not a coffin after all, Avan reasoned trying to remain calm. This time he tried to push with his feet and was surprised to find that the wall his feet pushed off of gave. Cautiously Avan pushed again, and again it gave. The third time he pushed with all his might, and the wall flung open with a loud crash and a stream of dim light quickly flooded his box.

The party is reawakened some unknown amount of time later by a voice with no discernible source. They find their cells unlocked somehow and some some simple clothes outside. They know who they are but do not know each other nor can they currently remember their own pasts.

The party must learn to work together to escape Turnkey Prison. They must endure and locate what they need in the prison before escaping into the tunnels. A strange woman ("Eli") will aide them early on if they rescue her from one of the cells, but will not leave with them when they go into the tunnels. She will seemingly sacrifice herself to help them before they leave the prison and enter the Old Prison Ruins. She will tell them that it is best that they steer clear of the two nations, Asteria and Celestia, since they don't know who put them there or why.

After reaching the Old Prison Ruins, the party will/should come across the spirit of Eli, the rune elf they saw sacrifice herself to save them just moments prior. She has a tale to tell them:

  • She died months ago in this prison.
  • She used the last of her power to create a memory that would help whoever rescued the memory.
  • She was put in the prison for killing her rapist and worshipping Zodo.
  • She will tell some basic info (gathered from this wiki) about the swords Legend and Forsaken if asked.

She can only stay for a short while, so the players should make the best out of the time she is there. The time she can last for is up to the GM and the information she has is also up to the GM. It is advised that she knows nothing about the players or their past, however that too is up to the GM.

Throughout the escape the players should remember somehow the crime that they are supposedly guilty of - whether or not they committed the crime is up to the GM, as is the crime they supposedly committed. The GM should strive to make the crime worthy of their sentence, however the crime could also be laughable.

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5. Enemies

Prison Guards are not your typical enemies therefore they aren't listed in the Bestiary. The GM is encouraged to make his or her own prison guards. They should either be mercenaries or work for someone corrupt and are likely corrupt themselves. Furthermore they should be strong and it should be evident to the players that it is best to avoid and run from the guards and not to engage them.

  • Turnkey Prison: Rats, Prison Guard, Attack Dogs
  • Old Turnkey: Zombies, Skeletons, Death Imps, Red Imps, Ghouls
  • Tunnels: Death Imps, Red Imps, Fog Imps, Mythril Imps, Mountain Imps, Skeletons, Phade (final obstacle to overcome to escape the tunnels)
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6. Traps

  • Cave In: Basic Trap that causes 2d12 physical damage
  • Arrow Trap: Basic Trap that causes shoots bone arrows (1d6 + 2d8)
  • Alarm Trap: Better Trap that alerts nearby foes
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7. Treasures

The following treasures can be found, all are items located in the Equipment & Goods.

  • Shillings - small amounts
  • Tonics
  • Sugar Waters
  • Tinticures
  • Waterskins
  • Steel Small Scythe
  • Oak Spear Shaft with Bone Spear Head
  • Steel Rod
  • Oak Boomerang
  • Small Bow
  • Bone Arrows
  • Oak Buckler
  • Leather Cap
  • Leather Cuirass
  • Leather Greaves
  • Bat's Brew
  • Small Backpack
  • Steel Short Sword
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8. Epic Treasures

The following artifacts can be found here:

  • Hilt of Legend
  • Xodod's Guard

A character can weild only Legend or Forsaken, not both! The choices here can have a huge effect on the campaign. Either one has to be left behind or one character claims one and another claims the other. Either sword could be used for good or evil, but each will affect their wielder and slowly change them (as determined by the GM).

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9. Maps

Here are the maps of Turnkey Prison and the tunnels.

Turnkey Prison Cells

Turnkey Prison Cells.png

The images can be clicked on to open up larger versions of the maps.

This is the main part of the prison, at least the operational part that the players will be exposed to during this quest. The cells are in the steel blue rows on the bottom portion of the map. They are coffin size cells that are stacked 6 high vertically with the foot part of the cell facing out into the hallways. The larger cells are for larger races, with deep, spike lined pits taking up the majority of the cell space (the black boxes). Prisoners in there are chained to the wall, with the chain having enough leeway for the prisoner to move off of the ledge and hang into the pit. The other rooms are for GM discression. Blue doors are easy locks.

The escape path is in the large room, a small hole in the wall. What the large room is is up to the GM. Perhaps it is a garbage room of sorts to store the dead prisoners?

Old Turnkey Prison Ruins

Old Turnkey And Tunnels.gif

The Old Turnkey Prison Ruins is a ruins of the older part of the prison built sometime in the First Era that was never repaired. The players need to find their way through this maze of tunnels and ruined cells and rooms to get to the escape tunnel part of the quest.

Turnkey Tunnels

Old Turnkey And Tunnels Level 2.png

Turnkey Tunnels is a set of imp tunnels and natural caverns. This is the tunnels through which the players escape Turnkey Prison.

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