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~1,000,000,000 BTE: Zodo rebels against the creator Archelus who was creating the universe before creating life. Zodo insists that all life should be created on a massive singular world, with their god present to be worshiped. To prove his point, Zodo secretly broke apart the worlds Archelus was creating, and formed them around a massive void, creating a world that was the size of a small galaxy. Zodo then took all the not yet living and aware lifeforms (humans, dwarves, race of lore) and placed them on this world, and showed it off before Archelus and his host. Infuriated by Zodo's blatant show of disrespect and disobedience, Archelus banned Zodo from the eternal realm, but not wishing to destroy any life, he let this world stay in place. Zodo's show of power at creating such a world helped Zodo to 'convince' 1/3rd of all of Archelus's host that Zodo was the true creator, and thus they followed him out of exile. For their punishment, Archeilus took away their angelic form and gave them a monstrous reptilian form, creating the first dragons. Zodo and his dragons took residence on his newly created super world which he named Xenodelphia. There he prematurely awakened all races and life, and created within a human womb two children to split the world between, Xeno and Kamele. He gives them the surname, Mercleis, starting the Mercleis family name and forbade any mortal to take up that name.
 ~955,000,000 BTE: Zodo gives half of all races the ability to use magic but weak physical abilities and bodies, and the other half great physical powers and attributes, but bars them from using magic, sowing seeds of greed in them stating it as a test of whether magic or physical prowess was better. He did the same with his two sons, giving Xeno all his magical power, and Kamele all his physical power and prowess.
 ~250,000,000 BTE: Seeing the devestating effects Zodo's toying with the races of Xenodelphia have on their lives, Xeno and Kamele decide to step in and help them. Joining together, they match Zodo in power, and with the aid of the mortal races, they are able to overpower Zodo. Using their combined arts, they fashion powerful orbs, divide Zodo into 5 parts; Will, Power, Spirit, Mind, and Soul. They trap Spirit, Will, and Power ino the three orbs before Zodo can regain himself and fashion a new body. Zodo's Soul could not be contained and Zodo's Mind went straight to the realm of eternal damnation, Xodod. They then sealed the orbs away, in three remote locations, so that no mortal race can be swayed by them. They then beg Archelus to awaken the mortal races free will, a trait that Zodo had kept buried from them. For their act, Archelus granted Kamele and Xeno a pardon and made them official members of his host. They chose to stay on Xenodelphia to help the mortal races there deal with Zodo's world and live peacefully, but this time they did so with Archelus's blessing and support.
 ~240,000,000 BTE: It doesn't take much longer before the seeds of dischord that Zodo has sowed in all life begin to awaken in the weaker minded of his two sons, Kamele. He began to grow distrustful of magic, seeing it as Zodo's power and forgetting that his physical ability was also Zodo's power, for Zodo is the god and creator of all forms of power and skill. He began to see Xeno as a pupet of Zodo, and took the Orb of Power  away to his palace in the western hemisphere of Xenodelphia.
 ~235,000,000 BTE: Kamele and Xeno both fell in love with a mortal woman, Isaria. However desiring his brother to be happy, Xeno helps Kamele, unknowingly to Kamele, win her heart. Kamele weds her and has a son, Boris Mercleis. Xeno instead weds Ester, and has a son named Sargon
 ~230,000,000 BTE: Xeno learns that Kamele had moved the Orb of Power, and questions his brother about it. Outraged about being questioned, and even more suspicious of Xeno and his magic, he declares war against Xeno and all magic users, declaring them the final part of Zodo left in the world. The war lasts four one thousand years, during which time Kamele's son, Boris, becomes possessed by the Orb of Power, and what is inside, the Power of Zodo.
 ~130,000,000 BTE: Overwhelming Kamele's forces, Xeno offers peace. Kamele, filled with deep anger and hatred and distrust, pretends to accept, and when they meet to discuss the terms, tries to kill Xeno. However Xeno's mind was quicker than Kamele's sword, and in an effort to protect himself and subdue Kamele, he instead accidentally kills Kamele, ending the war. After attending the funeral, Xeno breaks up the hemispheres into many nations govern by the mortal races, stating that no deity should directly govern men and the fates of men. Then, in a state of sorrow, relinquishes his title of a god of Xenodelphia and instead takes the position of Archelus's angel of death, becoming the Spector hoping to one day in that way find his brother's soul and make peace with him. Boris did not attend his father's funeral and instead made wedding plans for the very same day, that is when he married Vera, a well known and equally disliked sorcerer. However at the wedding he did promise to avenge his father's death and reclaim his father's lost empire. He started with wrestling control of a small but resource rich mortal nation, which in time grew to become a powerful empire with the help of the Orb of Power, but never did he acquire more than 1/4th of of his father's land, 1/8th of the entire world. Within 100 years time after his wedding to Vera, Boris had given birth to many children, Lea, Norma, Sataar, and Kaine. All of which would be made rulers of their 'state' in Boris's empire.
 ~100,000,000 BTE to ~5,000,000 BTE: This is the time period of Boris's wars of expansion, a seemingly never ending war that constantly destroyed the landscape and took many lives, but there were no powers great enough to undo the power of Zodo, which Boris weld through the Orb of Power. Floating high above world within his magically constructed fortress "Paradise", Boris proclaimed himself as Zodo and demanded worship from all in the lands he controlled, and sought eagerly to expand his control. However Xenodelphia was very, very, very large and the Orb did dampen to great extents Zodo's power and reach. Plus now Zodo, through his puppet Boris, had a new obstacle to try and overcome, freewill, an obstacle that proved ever so difficult. But that did not stop the amount of destructive power Boris could wield through Zodo. It had gotten so bad, that Xeno, now the Spector, disguised himself as a powerful mortal wizard, and lead an army against Boris and his empire. Xeno and his army were proving very successful, especially since Xeno's powers weren't 'filtered' through a magic dampening Orb and a xodian - as those born of Zodo's blood were known as, who was still fighting with free will and growing moral issues as Boris was in the growing days. Vera and Zodo seemed to begin to loose control on him. Sometime around ~5,000,000 BTE a time traveling dragonian named Tiana Escarius used the hilt of an uncompleted holy weapon to free Boris from Zodo's control, at least temporarily. This would later become the basis of the creation of Ithlamar the Redeemer. Boris begged Tiana to take his daughter Norma with her out of this time as she was with him in his palace and his other children were scattered across Xenodelphia  but she could not. When Tiana left, Boris allowed Paradise to land within an old lake, where he surrendered himself and the Orb of Power to Xeno. Not knowing what to do about Boris's new found regret and remorse, Xeno turned him over to the mortal leaders of the world who imprisoned him and sought out his other children. Boris's children had several chidlren of their own during this time period: Marus Clairstory, Cecilia Mercleis, and Trismegitus Mercleis were all born during this time period.
 ~15,000,000 BTE to ~10,000 BTE: By this time Archelus had finished creating the worlds as by his design in the universe and began to populate the ones he saw fit. The others he left barren but there as artwork as places for his host to enjoy without mortal influence. Two worlds were of note, not only because the shared an orbit around the same sun, and they were close to one another in their orbit, but also because they were both chosen to support life, which was unusual for two worlds so close to each other to support advanced life. These were Noracada, which Archelus populated with the Yerk Elf, and Ovara, which was populated with the Ascian elf. These words grew rapidly to and advanced state in relative peace, and even shared technologies with one another. Being so close to one another spurred quickly the interest of space travel amongst the two worlds, and technology rose quickly to reach that point.
 ~5,000,000 BTE to ~10,000 BTE: Back on Xenodelphia, Spector (Xeno) had taken the Orb of Power into safe keeping. Now being a direct member of Archelus's host and his angle of death, he was not effected by Zodo's spirit within. One was Boris, who was imprisioned nearby. Being imortal as all Xodians are, Boris had no trouble with age, and over time his human captors later generations had no memory of Boris's atrocities. Boris escaped, and once again being controlled by the Soul of Zodo, he managed to find the Orb of Will and the Orb of Spirit. With those two, he discovered the Orb of Power. With the three Orbs in place, Boris began working to break them, creating a crack in each one, so that he could become the new Vessel of Zodo. Spector, learning of this, sought to intervene once again on behalf of the world, and looked for a way to stop Boris. Using his power he went atop the the mountain where Zodo's palace once stood (before being torn apart and used to build Boris's palace), and opened a tunnel straight to the very black hole void that was the center core of the planet and tossed Boris and the Orbs in, hoping it would crush the Orbs and Zodo with it. But what Spector didn't count on was Zodo's desire to live and rule. As the Orbs neared the void, Zodo shot out with all his power at it, destroying the black hole. This immense power had a powerful backlash though, one that destroyed the entire world of Xenodelphia. Spector sensed this as soon as he'd dropped Boris and the Orbs, seeing ahead of time the many deaths he'd be responsible for. Using his power, Spector got as many as he could into the strongest structures in the strongest sections of the world. He himself holed up in one section with Trismegitus and others, and he used his power to put everyone in a protective death-like stance, where even time and lack of air could not affect them. He then prayed that Archelus would guide them to safety, awaken them when there, and take care of those he could not. In exchange, Spector swore then and there to never interfere on the mortal's behalves ever again, even when dealing with the likes of Zodo. A promise Zodo himself heard as his power blasted apart his world, and thrusted his Orbs into three different fragments of the world. The fragments of Xenodelphia shot through the universe but way ahead of it was the power that escaped the destroyed world. This power ended worlds, caused stars to be born and stars to supernova, and caused Noracada and Ovara to collide with one another.
 ~10,000 BTE to ~8450 BTE: Out of mercy, Archelus allowed these worlds to be combined instead of destroyed. He also allowed the inhabitants of these worlds to know of the coming calamity, allowing them to take shelter and protecting those that did. Using his power, Archelus also brought a quick recovery time to the world, quickly covering it with new life and making it livable once again. However, except the decedents of those that took shelter, all of the old worlds were destroyed and the technology forgotten. Archelus called this new world Nor'Ova, even before those on the world called it such. And such is the origin of Nor'Ova.


Wiki+ page: Before the Eras

8450 BTE: The inhabitants of the newly combined world of Nor'Ova come out to find a new landscape in front of them, seemingly void of anything that was familiar. Daunted by the tasks of having to rebuild, the Yerks and the Ascians begin to blame each other. The debris from the collided worlds takes form as Nor'Ova's ring. Part of the core and shell of Ovara form Nor'Ova's moon. A mercury and heavy metal rich dust forms the moon's atmosphere, giving it a pale purple color.
 8425 BTE: The first war in Nor'Ova's history begins. Known as the Judges War, is is a war primarily out of anger and fear where the two races blame each other for what happened to their worlds, and fight for dominance over the new world.
 8380 BTE: The war comes to an abrupt end when the first fragment of Xenodelphia hits in the middle of a battle field, destroying both armies on impact. The fragment itself did not contain any life, but upon researching it they developed the first Nor'Ovan language (besides the already spoken ascian and yerkish), calling it xodian, a word that seemed repeated most on this strange rock. One of the first words they found in the rock was Zodo, which they both quickly assimilated into their lore as the terrible god of wrath (Zodo remained Zodo in yerkish, but became zodarius in ascian).
 7590 BTE: The first life bearing fragment plummeted into Nor'Ova's north polar region, crashing through ice, water, and into Nor'Ova's magma layer. Having heard and accepted Spector's plea earlier, Archelus intervenes and creates for these people their own realm separate from Nor'Ova's physical realm, rich with powerful magical energy needed to have created such a separate mini-universe, and had the fragment transport to this location just before hitting Nor'Ova's magma layer. This realm became known as the Magic Realm, and the polar crater became the first realm gate. The impact caused a major earthquake, opening up fault lines throughout Nor'Ova. This caused a permanent separation in the continents of Talusia and Capere, as well as separated off from Talusia the Eleusian Isles.
 7100 BTE: Having resolved their differences, the ascians and the yerks entered a long era of peace. However the yerks began to grow arrogant and thought that they could reach the realm of Archelus and become gods themselves. Thus they gathered together to build a tower to reach the heavens. Angered by this, Archelus destroyed the tower and scattered the yerks throughout Nor'Ova, changing some of them into different elf races, giving birth to the silver, plains, wood, grey, and dark elf. He put them at odds with one another to prevent them from working together on such a project ever again in the future.
 7000 BTE: The people of Nor'Ova begin worshiping the idea of Zodo as the Soul of Zodo was the first to appear on Nor'Ova.The Soul of Zodo had come to Nor'Ova, identifing it is the planet that Archelus favored most. They begin to turn away from Archelus, frustrated at their own mortality, and seek to instead enjoy the pleasures of the flesh. Many of them begin fornicating with hosts stationed on Nor'Ova.
 6500 BTE: The sinfulness of the Nor'Ovan's gets out of hand and they begin to fornicate with anything and anyone, brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, same gender, and even with beasts of the wild. They erect statues of Zodo and practice community orgies and sacrifices. Angered by this, Archelus lets loose a great flood covering all of Nor'Ova with water. He spares the clean and honest by providing them vessels and takes the clean beasts of the wild from Nor'Ova during this flood which lasted for 1 year.
 6499 BTE: The flood ends and the water recedes. The landscape is altered slightly. Archelus directs the vessels upon different continents, one vessel per continent, except for the polar regions. Archelus released the clean beasts upon the land. Instead of killing the product of the host and Nor'Ovan mating, and the hosts that participated in the act, he transformed them both into various types of hydra. Archelus then placed the heavy burden of protecting the wildlife and nature upon them.
 6400 BTE: Archelisim is created as prophets begin to hear the words and laws of Archelus and begin to record them and teach them.
 6000 BTE: The first nations of Nor'Ova take shape.
 5000 BTE: Further bombardment from aftershock waves from Xenodelphia's destruction pushes Nor'Ova farther away from it's sun. This results in a great Ice Age, which lasts for 1000 years. Many people and many animals and plant life die off.
 4000 BTE: Archelus forms a small star behind the current Nor'Ovan star, making a pseudo-binary system. The extra gravity pull brings Nor'Ova closer to the stars, ending the Ice Age, and resulting in a warmer, larger tropic and temperate region. The star remains visible as a small sun in the Nor'Ovan daytime sky for the rest of Nor'Ova's time, and becomes known as the Morning Star.
 298 BTE: Zodo's Soul once again has been hard at work at warping and perverting the minds and souls of the Nor'Ovans. Knowing that only his own spirit could protect the souls of Nor'Ovans and satisfied that the other Hosts had their respected parts of the Universe well tended to, Archelus set in motion a great plan. He transformed himself into a mortal man, Mogen David, and descended upon Nor'Ova. He was discovered as a young boy coming down from Cardinal Point, a singular reddish mountain in the northern most part of what was then called the Ascian Continent. He was discovered by a farmer plains elf, Arnoth of the Cardinal Point tribe, who became known as Arnoth Lightbringer.
 276 BTE: Mogen David's messages and teachings of peace, forgiveness, and love as well as his disdain for the traditions that the Archelist priests made law in Archelus's name caused the Archelist priests to view Mogen David as a false prophet. Customary to the rules and laws of the time, false prophets were hung from trees or temple walls and gutted. Such was the case for Mogen David, hung from a tree in garbage dump of the ascian town of Bellitose. But when they went to gut him, Mogen David had already given up the ghost, but not before stating that he forgave them.
 200 BTE: The first churches of Mogen David, of the new religion of Davidism, began to show up. They were created by the original disciples of Mogen David. Each differed than each other though, as there was no singular written record of Mogen David's teachings. Instead, each disciple had recorded what they remembered.
 180 BTE: The Spirit of Mogen David first descended upon Nor'Ova and could now be called upon those who desire protection from the Soul of Zodo's spiritual perversions. This event was marked with a event where the first believers of Mogen David started speaking and understanding the divine language of Archelus, who they now regard as transformed into Mogen David.
 60 BTE: The leaders of the various churches of Mogen David gather in the town of Aureas, where they not only finally record a common book for the young religion, the Vitale Scribius, which became more commonly called the Book of Truth or the Book of Life; they also established a central church.


Wiki+ page: First Era

Year 0: One of the largest fragments of Xenodelphia to hit Nor'Ova, crashes into the Crysalis Sea in the then called Continent of Ascia. It is the first of such rocks to hold life. The Ascians name this mysterious, life bearing rock from the sky the Chalcedon, which means "mysterious rock". Those that come forth are the dwarves and some of the first xodians on Nor'Ova: Tyrius, Cera Mercleis, Marcus Clairstory, Cecila Mercleis, Trismegitus Mercleis, and Elmira.
 5 First Era: The Chalcedonian Crater fills in. The changes that the 'Chalcedonian Asteroid' brought to the continent causes most to change the name of the continent to Chalcedonia - land where the mysterious rock fell. The Ascians do not accept this change, insisting on calling it the Ascian Continent for the next 600 years.
 50 First Era: Many dwarves settle into the Midden Mountains and the Midden Shelf. While it was already claimed by a nation of gray elves, these dwarves are able to make a home for themselves there.
 120 First Era: The first spotting of the Yeti occurs in the Crystal Mountains in Chalcedonia; spotted by naturalist and explorer Yveni Oclure, an ascian elf. His well-written record of this spotting is discounted by many as mere imagination.
 385 First Era: Not all dwarves were happy to settle in someone elses kingdom. These dwarves searched for a land yet unsettled to call home. They find it in the Continent of Capere, where they create the Kingdom of Midengarde - a tongue-in-cheek reference to their brothers who had stayed behind in the Midden Mountains.
 400 First Era: The dwarves in Capere have their first run in with Orcs, who before now had lived undisturbed in the Pyre Desert with other orc races.
 420 First Era: The anthropoid races are identified in the deep forests of Talusia by the Yerk Elf explorer, Alron Naheist. He refers to each of them in simplified terms, giving birth to the races of Liontaur, Aquilian (yerkish for eagle man), Adolfite (yerkish for wolf man), and Turtalian. Gryphons wouldn't be discovered for another 50 years.
 560 First Era: Ormus Gailmore was born to Tyrius and Neela, a silver elf Tyrius had an afair with. At the time Tyrius's wife Cera was pregnant with Clara. When Cera found out about Tyrius's affair, she killed him. Clara would be born with her maiden name, Mercleis.
 580 First Era: Other fragments of Xenodelphia fell upon Nor'Ova, none as large as the Chalcedon Asteroid. Each held various races of lore which came forth from their slumber after impact. At this time now all of the Orbs of Zodo were on Nor'Ova, though they wouldn't be discovered until much later.
 640 First Era: Ormus, now a priest of Mogen David and an archeologist, was sent by the church to investigate a new asteroid that fell in the Pyre Desert, one which held ruins of an odd structure on them. There he discovered the Divine Incantations, a book that was written by Zodo himself back when he had a body. Only Ormus didn't know this as he could not read the  language. Ormus was instructed to translate the book.
 650 First Era: Over the 10 years of translating the book, the words of Zodo found a weakness in Ormus's lack of faith, and began to corrupt him. When Ormus was finished translating the book, he felt that the book contained a hidden truth. He started the Church of the Holy Body to spread this new truth, becoming the first organized church of Zodo.
 655 First Era: To protect his church, Ormus created a group of knights. Hearing them called rubes - basically beginners and worthless, Ormus grew to like that term. He thought that such a term would make the enemy underestimate his knights, giving his knights the advantage. So he had some armor made and colored ruby red, and named his knights the Rube Knights. They were called the Rubes for short.
 660 First Era: Returning to the site where he found the Divine Incantations, Ormus discovered the Orb of Spirit. He used its power to add power to his sermons and make the church grow.
 680 First Era: Ormus was captured by templar knights of the Church of Mogen David, as were some of his followers. They were all executed for the crime of Zodo worship. The Church of the Holy Body goes into hiding, as does the Orb of Spirit.
 710 First Era: A plague wipes out 1/4th of those living in the continent of Vega. It was only stopped by the invention of antibiotics by alchemist Malone Newood.
 920 First Era: Electricity is invented by the inventor Eskar Norvist. The Age of Steam and Industry begins.

1015 First Era: Photographic proof of Yetis in the Crystal Mountains is captured.
 1560 First Era: The first telephone call is completed between two cities.
 1590 First Era: The first telephone call is completed between two continents, via cable line laid across the O'Lennon Ocean.
 1730 First Era: The first computer is invented. It could only do simple math and all daa was stored on punch cards.
 1810 First Era: Lector Clairstory is born.
 1880 First Era: The Great World War begins.
 1910 First Era: The Great World War ends by the detonation of the first atomic bomb, invented by Lector Clairstory.
 1943 First Era: The first message is sent over a computer network. The TNCN (Trans Nor'Ova Computer Network) is created.
 1948 First Era: Construction of the Trans Chalcedonia Highway System begins with a treaty among Chalcedonian Nations.
 1961 First Era: The first artificial intelligence, free thinking, and free learning computer is created. It is called the Mind.
 1968 First Era: After having successfully sent many satellites into space, the Republic of Vega attempts to send a man into space. His rocket gets caught in the Nor'Ovan ring and explodes after a faulty calculation error.
 1970 First Era: The Confederacy of Ascia successfully sends a man into space.
 1972 First Era: The Republic of Vega finally succeeded in sending a man into space. They try to land on the moon, but watch in horror as the mercury rich atmosphere of the moon eats through the rocket and kills the spacemen.
 1983 First Era: The Republic of Vega, Confederacy of Ascia, United Kingdom of Talusia, and several other nations ban together to work on the first space station. Numerous issues prevent the space station from ever being fully completed, but parts of it are made usable by 1990 of the First Era.
 1996 of the First Era: A major computer virus infects the Mind IV, which was responsible for regulating the world's economies and stock markets. This causes the system to produce odd values often too high or too low before crashing and sending the world into a terrible global depression.
 1998 of the First Era: Lector Clairstory finds the Orb of Spirit. He becomes the leader of the Church of the Holy Body, which had come out of hiding in 1940.
 2001 of the First Era: Controlled by the Orb of Spirit, Lector Clairstory forces himself on Clara Mercleis. Taal is born and given his mother's maiden name.
 2005 of the First Era: A silver elf by the name of Xerxes Ironwood finds the Orb of Power while treasure hunting with some friends deep within one of the ruins that were part of the asteroids of Xenodelphia; which fell near the Crystal Mountains. Upon finding it, out of greed, Xerxes kills his friends. The Orb transformed Xerxes into a xodian.
 2012 of the First Era: Triskellious Mercleis is born.
 2014 of the First Era: The xenodelphian asteroid bearing humans falls onto Nor'Ova, creating Lake Genesis. Forseeing the coming destruction, Spector pleads with Mogen David to keep the humans asleep. Mogen David agrees, protecting the asteroid from any exploration.
 2018 of the First Era: Xerxes and Lector Clairstory meet. Lector Clairstory agrees to follow Xerxes.
 2024 of the First Era: With help of Lector Clairstory, the Orb of Spirit, and the Orb of Power, Xerxes manages to become Prime Minister of the Republic of Ascia.
 2028 of the First Era: Xerxes declares himself emperor and renames the nation the Empire of Nor'Ova. The ascians, easily controlled by the two orbs powers, do not object.
 2029 of the First Era: The Global Depression ends, largely with funding from the Xerxes government on military building and scientific research.
 2034 of the First Era: Xerxes declares himself as Xerxes Zodo. He outlaws worship of Mogen David within the empire.
 2042 of the First Era: Using the power of the two orbs, Xerxes convinces the other nations of Chalcedonia to surrender to him, annexing them into the Empire of Nor'Ova. The Church of Mogen David goes underground.
 2044 of the First Era: Robotics takes a giant leap as the first singularity android is created. The Nor'Ovan Government commission many more to be made as part of the ever growing Nor'Ovan military.
 2051 of the First Era: The Nor'Ovan Empire defeats and annexes the nations of the continent of Vega and the nearby islands.
 2052 of the First Era: Xerxes successfully clones a xodian, but the xodian clone is soon able to take other forms. He calls the cloned race Talusians.
 2053 of the First Era: Looking to make spies on his own citizens, Xerxes creates Deztunians in the same way he created Talusians, but uses the Orb of Power to give them teleportation powers.
 2055 of the First Era: Ever becoming more paranoid, Xerxes Zodo orders more experimentation to create even more spies for him to control. As a result, the Kaba'ni are born.
 2058 of the First Era: The ruins of Paradise are rebuilt and made even larger. It becomes Xerxes palace, and is called by many "Forsaken".
 2060 of the First Era: Almost appearing overnight, the Lone Tower appears near Xerxes's Palace. Its top is never seen, reaching above the clouds and obscured by state-controlled satellites. Xerxes Zodo claims that it is a monument of his power and a testament to Zodo's power on Nor'Ova.
 2066 of the First Era: The Empire of Nor'Ova invades the nations of Talusia and Capere. The Second Great World War begins, which would later be known as the Great Magic War.
 2070 of the First Era: Taal Mercleis joins forces with Trismegitus Mercleis in the Austerlands. Triskellius is sent into hiding. Together, they declare the Austerlands liberated. The Kaba'ni, forseeing global destruction, disappear into the caverns of Cardinal Point, not to be seen again until the Fifth Era.
 2074 of the First Era: The Free Nations of Nor'Ova unite and wage war against the Empire of Nor'Ova. The Empire of Nor'Ova strikes back with nuclear warheads. The Free Nations strike back with nuclear warheads of their own. The global nuclear war wipes out all exposed technology and kills millions. Many go into hiding.
 2075 of the First Era: Ascians try to revolt against Xerxes Zodo. In return, he uses the orbs to destroy them, ripping away their physical bodies. Mogen David takes pity on them and allows them to exist as semi-physical beings.
 2076 of the First Era: Xerxes Zodo uses the power of the orbs and the nuclear radiation to give his warriors the power of magic.
 2078 of the First Era: The free people of Nor'Ova meet the army of Xerxes Zodo in what becomes Forsaken Valley. A major battle with the remaining nuclear weapons and the power of the orbs takes place, which lays to waste the region. Xerxes is killed, but the Orbs as well as Lector Clairstory have disappeared. Trismegitus also dies on the battlefield. Taal however is overcome by the battle and falls into a deep sleep known as Dark Paralysis. And thus marks the end of the First Era.


Wiki+ page: Second Era

Year 0 Second Era: Also known as 2078 of the First Era, this is the date of the final showdown that marked the end of Xerxes Zodo, the Nor'Ovan Empire, and indeed modern Nor'Ova. This date is first remembered as The Breaking, meaning the breaking of the world and world society. It would later be known as The First Breaking. While it wouldn't be for a few years later, with society still using first era years, this date in time became known as the official point of when the First Era ended. Also, before this time, the First Era was simply known as the Common Era. It wasn't until after the calendar shift in year 10 of the Second Era did the concept of First and Second Era exist. While nuclear holocaust and "magical" warfare took place, many had taken to underground shelters. Little did anyone realize that at this point, the world was changed forever.
 20 Second Era: Xodians were the first race to notice a change in the world. Those that survived and were living underground began to realize a special connection with the world around them. It was as if the nuclear radiation, and perhaps the what was then regarded as magical warfare from the two Orbs of Xerxes Zodo, had seeped into them, forever changing their DNA. Each one recognized that they could interact with a certain form of elemental power - though they did not have a name for it at the time. For the short while, it was regarded as mutant powers, and assumed that it would not last.
 25 Second Era: Other long lived races soon began to notice the same changes that the xodians did, only their connection to these so-called mutant powers was weak.
 40 Second Era: 10% of the Silver Elf women who gave birth noticed that their offsprings were not the same as them. These would become the first of the Rune Elves, which had even greater so-called mutant powers than others that were born around this time period, which had greater "mutant powers" than their parents.
 50 Second Era: Sulnas Maarek, an ascian, claims the 'throne' left vacant by the death of Xerxes Zodo. He proclaims himself emperor and promises to rebuild the Ascian Nation. This marks the birth of the Empire of Ascia, which at this time was only a collection of caves and inner mountain dwellings within the Crystal Mountains of Chalcedonia.
 60 Second Era: The ascians begin capturing and enslaving Yeti, goblins, and other strong mountain races of lesser intelligence to rebuild their inner mountain nation.
 80 Second Era: The ascians realize that the radiation fallout of the outside world does not affect them. Unfortunately, it affects their slaves. Without physical presence to rebuild, the ascians realize they must wait to regain their lost nation.
 85 Second Era: Nikolai de'Carte pens the book, Elemental Nor'Ova. With it, be becomes the first to describe the change that has happened to all life, and even all of Nor'Ova. He states that all life was connected always to a dual cycle of eight runic elements, and that the changes to them since the war has allowed them to access what was already there, a connection to a specific element of nature. He also becomes the first to describe these powers as natural magic, not mutant power, and that they would likely become the norm for generations to come. It takes time, but slowly the world begins to accept his writings as fact.
 112 Second Era: The Ascians complete their new capital, Felitalnos, and their palace, the Ascian Citadel, deep within the enormous caverns of the Crystal Mountains.
 145 Second Era: Lector Clairstory recovers the Orb of Spirit. Using it, he gathers those faithful to Zodo and uses the Orb to teleport them all to the caverns of the Blessed Mountains on Feli Isle.
 180 Second Era: Triskellius Mercleis meets Emma Naquist, a woman that he discovers was once a silver elf, but through experimentation by the Xerxes Zodo government, she was transformed into a xodian. He is horrified to discover that many more xodians were "created" in this way, but is wowed by her strength and bravery and sense of hope.
 182 Second Era: Triskellius Mercleis marries Emma Naquist.
 245 Second Era: The Miden Gard dwarves, who had escaped the nuclear holocaust by digging deep underneath their city, construct the largest ever made cistrine, which would become the source of water for many ages to come for this region.
 280 Second Era: The rune elf Mael Mythrid, discovers that ylem can hold magic and creates the first recorded rune stone.
 310 Second Era: The ascians are the first to discover that the world is safe for life again, when one of their slaves comes back unaffected. Emperor Sulnas orders the methodical expansion westward, wanting to try and reclaim the principle lands of Ascia first.
 311 Second Era: Ascian worship of their emperor as god takes hold and becomes popular among ascians and even some ascian slaves, despite there never being a law mandating it.
 315 Second Era: Triskellius and many other xodians and other races not wishing to be enslaved by the Ascians escape eastward towards the Austerlands. Triskellius is dismayed when he see's that most of the old world has already been wiped away by vegetation and nature, and that Aureas, their stronghold against Xerxes Zodo, barely exist. He and others begin the rebuilding of Aureas.
 320 Second Era: With Aureas growing and recognizing the need of a national identity of their own, Triskellius proposes creating a nation. Many agree with him, and declare Triskellius king of the Kingdom of Triskelias, which becomes known as the Kingdom of Triskell.
 330 Second Era: Triskellius Mercleis identifies that the Parallax Desert has expanded greatly, only he does not know to what extent. It becomes observable that while near the Parallax Desert, compasses fail to work properly and disorientation starts to take hold.
 342 Second Era: The humans come forth from the long sealed Genesis Crater, a name which the humans gave it, through a doorway that was once obscured from view by Mogen David. Of the 2000 humans that exit the crater lake, 1634 of them survive. The others drowned. Of these humans most were cosmopolitan, while others were tribal and frontier. Triskellius welcomed them in as long as they'd agree to honor their laws and him as king, which many did. Those that did not continued westward. These humans that awoke found that they too had their own runic elemental connection, but didn't think anything of it. The Nor'Ovan Spacestation, its occupants presumed long dead and forgotten, drift into the Nor'Ovan Ring and is destroyed.
 343 Second Era: The ascians discover a band of 50 tribal humans and attempt to enslave them. These humans proved too strong willed for them. The ascian emperor Sulnas declares that humans must be a scourge upon the land, and orders their destruction.
 344 Second Era: Lector Clairstory and his faithful leave the caverns of the Blessed Mountains. They begin building the Theocracy of Xodia, with Lector Clairstory, the head of the Church of the Holy Body, as their leader.
 348 Second Era: The last fragment of Xenodelphia reaches Nor'Ova, but only comes just within the atmosphere. The Orb of Will, which resided on this fragment, deemed that the time was not yet right to appear on the surface.
 350 Second Era: The dwarves of Midden Shelf recognize that those who once ruled this land are no more. They take the opportunity to create the Kingdom of Middengarde.
 352 Second  Era: The dwarves of Miden Gard in Capere, come back to the surface and notice that the Pyre Desert has grown in size. They begin building walls around their city to protect it from the desert and what might live there.
 358 Second Era: Campella, a xodian with no memory of her parents or of who she is, except that her name is Campella, unites the elves and others around the Gulf of Guillotine and forms the Kingdom of Acadia with the desire to protect her people from ascian enslavement. Ascia declares war on Acadia. Middengarde, despite their distrust in elves and xodians, makes an alliance with Acadia.
 400 Second Era: Steam technology is rediscovered in the Kingdom of Triskelias, as is indoor plumbing and soon after, crude electricity. Railroads begin being constructed.
 405 Second Era: Desiring to be worshiped, the Orb of Will awoken the xodians that were entombed there, but not without first altering them to be able to survive - thus creating the race of the Reapers, which would never set foot on Nor'Ovan soil. To make sure that the Reapers would not ever grow curious, the Orb of Will planted a deep memory upon them all of their world exploding, and that all that remained below was a forsaken realm.
 410 Second Era: Dark elves sell Triskelian technology to the Ascians, only they never reveal the source. Ascians begin creating railroads.
 450 Second Era: The Kingdom of Talusia forms in the continent of Talusia.
 460 Second Era: The first offspring of Human and Elf breeding is born.
 480 Second Era: Humans and half elves arrive in the Continent of Talusia. There they create the Kingdom of Andronia, named after the Andron Ocean.
 520 Second Era: The Kingdom of Triskelias reaches its largest extent. The creation of the Nimbus Gates begin.
 600 Second Era: Small nations begin within the continent of Vega. None seem to be long lasting, always changing and always being replaced by another.
 610 Second Era: Ascians discover the Kingdom of Triskelias building in "their back yard". Emperor Sulnas II, who succeeded his father, orders the Kingdom of Triskelias to disband and submit to Ascia, as well as to bring forth all humans for extermination. King Triskelias refuses. The Great Ascian Conflict, a war that would cover most of the age, begins.
 612 Second Era: Ascia attempt to sail northward around the northern coast of Chalcedonia, wanting to reach and overtake the Kingdom of Triskelias. The effects of the Parallax Desert forces the ships too far to the north, causing the ships to get stuck in the freezing waters of the Aech Ocean. The ascian slaves freeze to death, and the ascians on the ships give up hope. From that point, Ascia determines never to attempt that voyage again.
 622 Second Era: The race of Fae create the Kingdom of Nethisda in the Outer Limits. They refuse to openly take sides, but secretly support the Kingdom of Triskelias with Ylem.
 630 Second Era: Bitterwood Plague is identified in the Saangoth Swamps of Chalcedonia.

720 Second Era: Triskellius and Emma give birth to a daughter, Verenity, much to the dismay of Triskellius who wanted a son. Still, he find his heart melts for her.
 740 Second Era: Triskellius and Emma give birth to a son, named Arameas Mercleis. Despite always wanting a son, Triskellius ends up ignoring him, favoring his daughter.
 750 Second Era: Bitterwood takes hold of the capital of Triskelias, Aureas. Emma Mercleis dies of Bitterwood, and Arameas catches the plague. Fearing for his daughter, Triskelias sends her off with Nikolai de'Carte away from the palace. Triskellius spends most days and nights praying to Mogen David, even as the Ascian Army start to gain territory.
 752 Second Era: Arameas Mercleis is amazingly declared healed of the Bitterwood, a plague that none have yet survived. It is deemed a miracle by the Church of Mogen David. Though grateful, Arameas remained in constant pain and terribly disfigured by the disease, forced to completely cover and wear a mask. Triskellius, overjoyed, seems to forget he has a daughter and becomes overly protective of his son.
 755 Second Era: Triskellius daughter, Verenity returns to Aureas. Triskellius takes one look at her and thinks that she is Emma, his departed wife. Stricken by grief, he sends his daughter away. She leaves and takes on military training with a group of templar knights.
 758 Second Era: The Nimbus Gates and the invention of Rune Cannons give the Kingdom of Triskelias the upper hand. They begin to regain lost territory.
 778 Second Era: Xyster Xeric, an ascian is born. He is the son of Lord Kyl Xeric, a top ranking ascian general.
 798 Second Era: Qu'ion Sulnas, son of Emperor Sulnas II, discovers the Orb of Power. Influenced by it, he assassinates his father and takes his place, becoming Emperor Sulnas III.
 799 Second Era: Through the Orb of Spirit, Lector Clairstory discovers that the new ascian emperor has the Orb of Power. Believing that this might be the return of a Vessel of Zodo, Lector Clairstory sends Emperor Sulnas III a letter suggesting a treaty between their nations; Xodia would provide Rube military support as long as they were treated as equals.
 800 Second Era: Swayed by the Orb of Power, Emperor Sulnas III agrees and makes a shaky alliance with the Theocracy of Xodia.
 826 Second Era: Having a stronger interest in studying alchemistry instead of becoming a warrior, Xyster Xeric runs away from Ascia. He takes refuge in Triskelias, very seldom showing himself and only when he deemed it was safe. He is declared an outlaw and a fugitive by the Ascian Empire.
 828 Second Era: Through some freak temporal storm, Haagren, a talusian from the Fourth Era, arrives in the Second Era. He is washed up on the shore of the Kingdom of Triskelias with no memory.
 829 Second Era: Possessed by a demon of xodod, the necromancer Kaim Meingaad raises an army of Undead in the Kingdom of Triskelias, and takes residence in Rockcastle Ruins. Haagren and his friends - Rhinehart, a yeti; Snowd Yemerg, a plains elf; and Emyl, a gnome - agree to take on the necromancer.
 830 Second Era: The necromancer is proclaimed dead when his hordes of the undead all the sudden drop to the ground. The heroes that never return are proclaimed dead as well, and proclaimed saints by the Church of Mogen David.

840Second Era: Xyster Xeric falls in love with a care taker of an orphanage a plains elf named Alysa Calmeer. He longs for he ability to physically embrace her. With the help of the Rubes of Xodia, Ascia is able to push past the nimbus gates for the first time they begin their slow march towards Aureas taking over towns and slaughtering any humans they come past. The Rubes refuse to kill any humans that surrender and were willing to submit to Zodo, which outrages the Ascian commanders who were ordered to do just that. The Ascian Emperor, loosing his mind to hatred, publicly declares human kind to be like a disease, a dungroach, a nasty pest that invades your home and you can never get rid of. He declares that any nation harboring humans, any person helping humans, would be destroyed for doing so and all humans will be slaughtered by his power. Lector Clairstory, growing aware of the number of humans joining his flock, devises a plan. He uses the Orb of Spirit to create for the first time the Mark of Zodo which at first only disguised the faithful to the Ascians, making them appear the same as them. He then ordered several newly made rubes to approach Prince Arameas of Triskelias with a possible plan to end the rule of Sulnas the Third. Arameas is intrigued by the plan but his father, King Triskelias refuses it.

841Second Era: Lector Clairstory sends his rubes to unlock various realm gates, claimed to be told to do so by Zodo himself.

842Second Era: Xyster Xeric reaches the Necropolis and finds Spector. He pleads with Spector to grant him a physical body so that he may truly be one with the woman he loves. Spector agrees to do so as long as Xyster swears by his soul to become a healer of all and to live his life as such. Upon agreement Xyster is made physical.

845Second Era: Verenity Mercleis returns to Aureas once again determined to persuade her father into action to protect their kingdom, even if he would not recognize her. With Nikolai de Carte who she was had unmet romantic feelings for by her side, she approached her father. To her astonishment Triskellius's grief had passed and he did recognize his daughter and was overcome with joy by seeing her. Xyster Xeric was spotted near Aureas and while he looked like an Ascian the guards were confused to see that he was physical. To be safe, they brought Xyster before the king. Both Verenity and Arameas were present. Xyster proved his worth by healing some of the scars on Arameas's badly deformed face, allowing the prince to now wear a half mask instead. Later that year Xyster was married to Alysa by King Triskellius himself.

855 Second Era: The Empire of Ascia transforms the Rubes in his armies into half-ascians. This act forces Lector Clairstory and the Theocracy of Xodia to declare war on Ascia.

860 Second Era: The Empire of Ascia, having taken region after region and town after town, surrounds Aureas. Determined to push the forces back, King Triskellius leads the armies himself, with his daughter and son at his side as commanders of their own regiments. The Triskellians manage to push the Ascians back towards Pell Lake before Triskellius falls in combat. Arameas immediately takes the crown and works out a shaky cease of hostilities so that the Triskellians can morn their dead king. Despite the Emperor Sulnass III's orders for his generals to push forward, the ascian supreme commander, Arangoth Vulgore, agrees to hold the ascian front along the Blancha Road for a period of one year for proper mourning and change of leadership.

861 Second Era: The dwarven Kingdom of Middengarde openly declare an alliance with the Kingdom of Triskelias, as does the Theocracy of Xodia, though the later would always be mistrusted. With the dwarves help, South Parish is reclaimed by Triskelias and the war starts back up. Ascian Rubes, under order by the Sulnass III, assassinate Arangoth Vulgore. The blood-thirsty and reckless Veran Vaelworth, takes his place as Supreme Commander of the Ascian Army.

865 Second Era: With their new allies and Veran's recklessness, the Triskelians were able to reclaim most of their kingdom, though many of the towns and communities were destroyed by the retreating ascians. Veran is replaced by the xodian Jardin Aramir, the first ever non-ascian to hold that position.

868 Second Era: Arameas Mercleis begins courting Campella of Acadia, and Acaida pledges full support to Triskelias. Fearing that other nations outside of Chalcedonia may ally themselves with the Triskelians, Sulnas III uses the Power of Zodo to summon dragons which he sets loose on the world.

872 Second Era: The dwarves of Miden Gard are driven from their city to the Caperian Mountains by dragons.

875 Second Era: Hydra appear in the Crystal Mountains, rumored to be put there by Archelus himself to punish the ascians. The hydra begin tearing up ascian mountain fortifications and bases, and Sulnas III has no other options but to pull back a portion of his armies and some dragons to deal with the hydra problem. The allied nations take advantage of this and push the Ascian forces into the Chalcedonian High Plains.

878 Second Era: Ascia discovers a remaining relic of the Great Magic War, a nuclear suitcase bomb. He sends a team to take the bomb to Aureas, which they do so, hiding it within the sewers.

879 Second Era: Ascia demands a 30 year cease in hostilities so that they could regain control over their mountain bases and restore their waterways, or threatens “destruction of Aureas in light”. Arameas Mercleis, worried what that might mean, reluctantly agreed. Sulnass III seals himself up in Forsaken Ruins while the Triskellians search high and low for what could destroy their city.

880 Second Era: Arameas is warned by Lector Clairstory that Sulnas III has somehow stolen away his Orb of Spirit, and is likely trying to cast Ablution. A team of heroes agrees to travel with Kymara who was identified as the reincarnation of the “Life of Zodo” into the Realm of Xodod to find another way into Forsaken.

904 Second Era: Arameas, still worried about the ascian threat years earlier, evacuates the city of Aureas. Port Culus is made as the temporary capital while Aureas is still searched for whatever could destroy it.

905 Second Era: Either by accident or intentionally, the nuclear device is detonated and Aureas is destroyed in the blast. This enrages Arameas and he ends the cease in hostilities four years early by leading a military campaign into the great caverns of the Crystal Mountains.

915 Second Era: The alliance armies surround the Ascian capital city and their citadel, the city never surrenders despite constant attacks by the allied forces. Lector Clairstory warns that Forsaken has been greatly restored and that the gateway to Xodod is likely almost open. The heroes emerge from Xodod within Forsaken as the Sulnas III, now calling himself Sulnas Zodo, begins to cast the terrible spell of Ablution. They defeat him but the unleashed magic power covers the globe in nearly unbroken cloud cover. This marks the end of the Second Era and the beginning of the Third Era.


Wiki+ page: Third Era

Year 0 Third Era: What would have been known as 916 of the Second Era, this started at the beginning of the new year, a little less than a month after the defeat of Sulnass Zodo. Instead of marking the new era right at the event later on by historians, this date was officially called and agreed upon by King Armeas Mercleis of Triskelias, Queen Campella of Acadia, King Armir Yerdorin of Middengarde, and Regent Governor Kalnor Res'va, as the official start of the Third Era. High Priest Lector Clairstory was not present to agree upon this declaration, having left with the Orb of Spirit on agreement with Arameas to hide the orb so that it could not be misused again. Within a week of the fall of Sulnas Zodo, Ascian Supreme Commander Jardin Aramir reportedly committed suicide. The ascian, Kalnor Res'va, took his place and surrendered to the Allied Armies. Before the four leaders, Kalnor pledged not only to end hostilities but also to assist in repairing the damages done, disbanding their armies, and releasing their slaves and prisoners of war. Arameas named him regent governor of the Triskelian parish of Ascia. The heroes returned with the Orb of Power and the Orb of Spirit, the later of which as part of their treaty was given to Lector Clairstory to hide. As for the Orb of Power, Arameas could feel well its evil power and the first joint act of Arameas and Kalnor was to develop a tomb deep within the Crystal Mountains to hide the orb, letting the crystal of the crystal rich mountains shield the rest of the world from its evil. Arameas then famously declared to Kalnor and the Ascians, “Your people unleased this horror upon the world, therefore it shall henceforth be your descendants that hide away this evil.”

Year 40 Third Era: Arameas moves the capital from Port Culus to the once ascian port of Bellitose, identifying it not only for its amazing architecure and beauty but also the highly defensive natural port. So enamored by the beauty of the city and the land, he remarked, “Truly, this place shine as if it were made of gems.” Looking for a way to undo the hurt of the long war of the past era, Arameas renamed the nation the Holy Kingdom of Asteria and pledged it to be a forgiving nation that would strive to forever follow the mighty example of Mogen David.

Year 42 Third Era: Lector Clairstory, still looking for a place to hide the Orb of the Spirit though his own spirit is breaking under the constant voices from the orb, comes across the dwarves of Miden Gard. He pledges to help them restore their city if they pledge to build a place deep underneath it to hold and protect his sacred orb. Most of the dwarf chieftains refuse him, knowing him as a priest of Zodo, but one tribe agrees, seeing this as their chance to become the mightiest of the tribes.

Year 45 Third Era: Armeas Mercleis marries Campella of Acadia. Acadia is then merged with the Holy Kingdom of Asteria, which now controls the entire continent of Chalcedonia. For the First time ever recorded, snow falls both on the Parallax and the Pyre Deserts.

Year 50 Third Era: With the help of the Orb of Spirit, Lector helps that clan rebuild a part of Midden Gard well enough for them. They in turn build a sanctuary for the Orb of the Spirit deep under the city, swearing to never to record it. With a conflicted spirit, Lector Clairstory releases the orb in their care. Lector Clairstory then goes on a soul searching pilgrimage, trying to understand his role in this new era and what Zodo would have him to do.

Year 58 Third Era: Armeas Mecleis is born to Arameas and Campella Mercleis.

Year 60 Third Era: Nikolai de'Carte departs Bellitose to undertake a sacred pilgrimage. The Orb of the Spirit begins to poison the minds of the dwarves, forcing their worship. When they wouldn't willingly do so, it releases a plague of Bitterwood upon them. One dwarf is said to have escaped the city and went back to the Caperian Mountains, though his name is never known.

Year 62 Third Era: Zama Aeristare, a xodian cleric of the Church of Mogen David with a very strong faith, is named High Pontiff of the Church of Mogen David by King Arameas Mercleis. He begins a campaign of church building and charity work.

Year 65 Third Era: Hothgard Mercleis is born to Arameas and Campella Mercleis. The birth of Hothgard claims the life of Campella. A mystic tried repeatedly to revive her for the grief stricken king until Zama declared that surely her soul must have went to Elysium the moment she gave birth. As a result, Arameas would ignore his second son, leaving him instead in the care of wet nurses and care takers.

Year 70 Third Era: A few tall yet slender race of giants that call themselves Xenolythians are found wondering the Crystal Mountains. Zama meets with them on behalf of the still grief stricken king to learn more about them. They claim that they are the progeny of a most unholy afair that started when the ascian, Sulnas Zodo, used his two orbs trying to actually create more soilders for his armies. The orbs did so by combining the fallen seraphim of the Light Realm with that of elven maidens, creating the few that were meant to be a new race of warriors. They warn that two dozen were created, and while those few meant no harm, the others may indeed. Zama relays this to Arameas, who in his grief declares that they must be Zodo-spawn and orders their execution. The xenolithians catch wind of this and flee. Zama sets his holy templars on this crusade to find and execute them.

Year 78 Third Era: Grentzen Estabon is born to an unwed couple. The mother was a female cosmopolitan human by the name of Elmira Estabon. The father was one of the twenty four xenolythians who went by the name of Aron. As he had no last name, Grentzen was given the mother's last name. Being part of the odd race, Grentzen is larger than most humans and even some orc races.

Year 82 Third Era: At the death of his mother, Grentzen Estabon joined the Monastary of Zama to become a paladin. He claimed that such was her last request of him, to give himself over to Mogen David fully and to the defend the world against a fear she held on her death bed, of a reemergence of Zodo.

Year 85 Third Era: Finally at peace once again, Arameas Mercleis asks Zama to end the witchhunt against the remaining xenolytes and publicly apologizes for having ever ordered one.

Year 135 Third Era: Arameas crowns Armeas as King. Hothgard, long absent from his father leaves to South Port, south of the Austerlands. Not wishing to have a war between his two sons, Arameas's last act is to decree all lands of the Acanthus Valley and south of the Auster River as belonging to Hothgard, and that neither should have the Austerlands as they should be uninhabited for now on and deemed a sacred site. The Kingdom of Celestia is thus formed and the remaining cities of the Austerlands are emptied, though not everyone agrees to leave. Those that stay behind find themselves cut off from society.

Year 140 Third Era: While dispatched as a paladin to help relocate the city of Silvenesti to just east of Turnkey Valley, Grentzen Estabon ran afoul of some water nyphs. For his trespassing, they berserked the overly large paladin. Before the berserk could be dispelled, Grentzen Estabon slaughtered over half of the citizens of Silvenesti. Armeas Mercleis took pity on his condition but knew he had to be punished, so Grentzen was stripped of his title as paladin and exiled. Wishing to go ahead and mercifully deal with other common criminals, Armeas gave Grentzen command of a ship of criminals and instructed him that he could go to any nation that would have him or settle any land not settled or claimed, but he could never come back to Asteria. Wanting to leave this land of painful memories, Xyster and his wife decide to go with Grentzen. Grentzen and Xyster would soon become best friends.


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